Saturday, May 12, 2012

Totally Toadstools? Mostly Mushrooms?

Today was all about fungi, toadstools, mushrooms.... whatever these earthy little habitats are called. We went out intending to attend some of the Wine and Wings Festival events - hiking, talks, wine tasting. But apparently we arrived too late for most of the activities.

Here's where the wine tasting was - some of you might recognize this site.  Yep, the ol' Secret House Winery.  It's now under new owners and called the Domaine Meriwether Winery.  We arrived in the heat of the day and, because we weren't really set up to do any wine tasting, we didn't stay.

But not before I took a few photos of this wee fae condo.

Or perhaps it was a mansion for just one fae family.

In any case, it was quite grand.

We didn't end up doing any of the things we planned on doing today, instead we went into town and ran errands, where we picked up some groceries, a curtain rod for the bedroom window, and our own little fae village!

Aren't they cute?  Hard to see the size in this pic, but they're about a foot tall, plenty of room for an entire family in the two larger toadstools, the green one is slightly smaller, for a new family or perhaps a retired faery or two.    Now I just need to landscape the little neighborhood with plenty of shrubberies and flowers.


Blogger shari said...

that fae condo is fabulous!!!

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