Thursday, August 11, 2005

try a photo

You might be asking yourself - who is this smiling child and why is he in Laume's blog?

Yes, I have many children, and it's easy to lose count of how many and who, but nope, I can't claim this cutie. His name is Alex and he is the son of our family friends Kathy and Mike. We stayed with them during our trip and since Mike is one of my personal iMac help people, I asked him if he could figure out why my blog won't let me upload photos. We tried it on his computer and it was easy - the little "add photo" icon was right there where it should be, on the upper left hand corner of the edit/create post page. I thought, duh, I just hadn't noticed it on my computer, yes?

Got back home and discovered, alas, I wasn't so absent minded after all. It was, in fact, not there. I called Mike up and he asked ""what browser are you using?" I replied "Explorer" He said "Try Safari" "Okay" I shot back, "How do I find the software for that?" "You should already have it. Check your applications."

So I did. And amazingly, there it was - a whole 'nuther browser I didn't know I had. I clicked it open, it worked, and more miraculous then that, when I navigated all the way to blogger and tried to create a post, the "add photo" icon was right there! So I used it.

That's where the good news came to a screeching halt. When I try to use upload a photo, either from my computer or from the net, it makes Safari crash and quit. ARGHHHHHHHHH!

I managed to get the latest post to include photo links by going to the library and using their computer. The problem, as you can see, is the photos don't show up, they just link and leave big gaping spots where you can imagine the photos would look nice if they were occupying those spaces. And of course I can only link to photos that are online already as I don't have any private storage on the library computer. It's all back at home, on the computer that won't let play nice with Blogger. Even if I was willing to settle for nice "frames" where my photos should be, it took me an hour to get just those two pictures to link as the library computer won't let me open more then one window at a time and it won't let me cut and paste from website to website. The whole experience made me leave the library ready to deck the first person who dared offer me a cheery hello. Not a good thing.

So, that's the scoop/update on my ongoing photo battle with blogger. Oh, I also e-mailed them, asking for help. They just automatically, and without a real person being involved, referred me to their FAQ page. Uhm, I'm not THAT lazy. I tried all the info pages first BEFORE writing to them. I wrote them back and told them I couldn't find the information I needed in their online instructions. I haven't heard back from them and don't expect I will. It's like trying to chop one's way through one of those phone message forests that big corporations set up. "To entertain yourself for hours, please select from the following menu..... to call back later, press hear annoying 80's music interspersed with commercials for our newest services, press 2...... to hear another even longer menu, press 3........ to talk to a real person, press.....HAHAHAHAHA, you can't talk to a real person!" CLICK! You need a machete and your arm gets tired swinging it, or pressing buttons, I'm sorta losing the analogy part of it here, and you give up and slam down the phone and say a lot of curse words and decide you don't need the damn heart transplant or emergency car tow after all.

I'm going to go bang my head against a wall now. It sounds like more fun then continuing to think about this catch-22 mess.


Blogger Deb R said...

I see it! :-)

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did it!

3:11 PM  

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