Saturday, October 01, 2005

I hate football

No, I don't hate football. That's totally, completely, 100% false. I actually enjoy football. What I don't enjoy, is all the DRIVING that William's out of town football games entail. The home games (of which there are very few because no one wants to drive all the way to our small mountain hamlet - so much so that often they just cancel and forfeit the games on us if they have to drive here to play it) are fun. They involve a three hour commitment at most, and that's including getting the kid ready and dropping him off ahead of time and then going back and watching the entire game.

An away game, on the other hand......

It involves figuring out wake up, be on the road by, and arrive by times. It involves loading and unloading the car. It involves making lists and remembering what to load and unload. It involves fighting over what CD's to play on the long drive there and back. It involves, most of all, the long drive there and back. It means lining up someone to watch our Rosie girl while we're gone - can't expect a chihuahua to "hold it" for eight to ten hours. (no, we can't take her with us - they made a No Dogs Allowed rule for the game JUST this year. GRRRR.)

It also means finding ways to fill the time between when William has to be there for weigh-in and practice, and when the game actually starts, usually two hours. And there's the game, sitting on the visitor's bleachers which are traditionally as comfortable as sitting on a pile of lava rocks while always facing directly INTO the setting sun. Which reminds me - note to myself: Remember to bring a brimmed hat this time!

Bottom line, an away game means instead of a few enjoyable hours cheering my youngest progeny on to victory (they're undefeated), it's an ALL DAY COMMITMENT. And wouldn't you know it, but somehow, it's always on a day when I am certain I would have taken my productivity to great heights if only I wasn't having to commit to all that "family time." Yes. Amazing how coincidentally, that.

Gotta run. Go dig out that brimmed hat, check my pile of things-to-put-in-the-car, make sure William has all his equipment, no last minute missing butt pad or anything, check for gas, coffee, last minute bathroom use..... See you all when I'm another day older.


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