Friday, March 17, 2006

A Segue-free Post of Random Comments

My cats were happily playing keepaway with a half eaten mouse this morning. What a lovely thing to wake up to.

More snow in the forecast. I. Am. So. Ready. For. Spring.

I gave the boys' (aka Jeff and William) haircuts today. Jeff was fuzzy at the collar. Being in a quasi-military type job, fuzzy necks are frowned upon. I like long hair on men but, sigh, it's just easier to buzz him and then he's happy because he looks like all the other boys at work. William, my lone long-haired child, wanted "just a little" cut off his shoulder length hair. This meant he had to allow me to comb his hair first, something that only happens... well, once or twice a season I guess. Here's a pic - isn't it beautiful in this rare condition?

It looks about the same now, cut, just an inch or so shorter. And no longer combed.

I got new glasses. Do you like them? (pay no attention to the hulking teen in the background)...
You really have to click on the image and make it bigger to see the glasses. I had a hard time getting a nice photo of them (me, but shut up). Do I like them? I mean, I picked them out. Eh....they're okay. I'm not thrilled with them but I guess I like them better then my old ones. I really wanted some cool Lisa Loeb, intellectual girl glasses, but it was hard because I'm limited in my choice of lens. My ancient, worn out, bi-focal needing eyes need a bigger lens from top to bottom. I was going to go with a plastic frame this time, but at the last minute picked a metal frame similar to the glasses I already had (playing it safe I guess) but with a stronger frame so they wouldn't be so wobbly. I do like the new prescription. I can see much better. I was due for an adjustment but I didn't realize how badly.

I also got new prescription sunglasses and because I don't need them to be bifocals, I had more leeway in what I picked out. I selected a dark green tortoiseshell plastic frame, definitely more Lisa Loeb-ish, and I love them. I like how I can actually read the highway signs now. I like how they cut the glare but aren't too dark if I forget to switch glasses before I stop and run into Starbucks or wherever. I like how I look in them. I particularly like how when I glance sideways in them, the light shining through the frame makes a thin lime green line at the corner of my vision. It's an odd thing to like since one could argue that it would be a distraction, but it's so bright and happy it's like getting an unexpected smile from the world every so often. Unfortunately when they cut the lens, they were a smidgen too big for the frame and someone thought "I can make it fit" and cracked the glass in the corner of both lens. So, I can't show them to you because they're "in the shop" being replaced.

I got some pressies!
On the right is a art postcard from Deb's new Spiral Dance series, this one is labled "Mini #3". Here are more postcards. I won it in her "Name this Art Series" contest. I am soooo jazzed. I wanted my very own DebO-riginal for a long time now. Somehow I never quite "got" that postcards go into the mail un-enveloped. Unfortunately, this postcard looked like it had flipped out a mail cart and been dragged by the wheel for a few feet before someone noticed it. Fortunately, the tread marks are on the back, not the front. Whew. At first glance I thought, awwww dang! But now I'm starting to think it only adds to the story of the piece. It's art that's been on a journey, had adventures. I kinda like that.

On the left is an otter. My hubby bought it for me while I was down in San Diego. I have several other otter stuffed animals, as well as a small shelf full of the water critters in my ocean-y themed bathroom. Otters, sea or land, are one of my totem animals. Isn't he cute? It's from the US Post Office and that thing on the side of him is an image of an otter stamp. But don't worry, I'm not gonna mail him anywhere.

The desk decluttering is continuing to move forward. Slowing me down is that the desk cleaning has expanded into an entire "office" cleaning, "office" being defined as the desk, the two adjoining floor-to-ceiling shelves, and a small shelf and small filing cabinet nearby. Yesterday found me sorting old files I didn't even know I still had - phone lists from the kids old baseball teams or Girl Scout troup. Since Noel was in Girl Scouts in elementary school, and the older boys haven't played baseball in over a decade, these are very old files. I also sorted through a two foot tall stack of computer CD's and whittled it down to about four or five inches. I also managed to lose half of the school books I'd been keeping for William to grow into.... oops, too young for him. Gotta love those learning leaps. I'm still not ready to show you a before and after picture yet, but I'm pleased with my hard fought progress.

When I'm too tired to work at the office any longer at night (oops, that was kinda a segue, wasn't it), I've been switching over to sorting and tossing magazines while watching television. This getting rid of stuff, it starts to become addictive. I roam around the house looking for things I don't want/need. Every time I've gone into the back bathroom the last couple of days, I've come out with an item or two to put in the box designated for a garage sale.

That's probably enough rambling, eh? Gotta go anyway. It's St. Patrick's Day. The perfect excuse to go out for a dinner of Corned Beef and Cabbage. Only, I better change into something green before I do. I'm no poser. Not me. Got me one quarter authentic Irish genes. Plunkett. Like the football player. And the saint. (I have no idea if I'm related to the football player, but I am honest-to-god related to the saint.) And that's no blarney. Smooch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really liked that poem below in your previous post. Very poignant. :-) I am trying my best to do some decluttering here, too. We're being given a piano by a friend so I must make way for it.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Eliza said...

Hi, I fell into your site through Joshilyn's. :) Happy belated St. Patty's day! So where did you eat? We chose the Corral as my 2 year old would say. (Golden Corral) And had to wear green as that is a big holiday for us. Before you ask if I'm Irish I'll just reply, my dad always told me I was a Heinz Ketchup, a bit of this and that. :)

5:31 AM  

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