Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: Week Four

I see Deb beat me to the "look through the archives" idea. But since I have nothing better up my sleeve, I'll just go ahead and share my historical sillies.

There were surprisingly few photos of me doing foolish things over the years. I know I do them, all the time! It's just I'm not in front of a camera when the silly dances, apparel, and poses appear. There were a vast number of photos showing my family doing crazy, wild, foolish things however, because I often have the lens trained on them. If nothing else, this Self Portrait Project has been a good thing for me to participant in because it's made me aware of how few photos there are, relatively speaking, of me.

These first two pictures show my penchant for posing with strange creatures, figures, animals, what have you. Plus, the first one with me and the bear, my gawd, did I really ever have that flat a stomach!? I've also got one with me and Woody at Disneyland, but darn, I couldn't find it.

Here I am at the California School of Herbal Studies. We were doing cosmetics that day, and everyone got a facial mask. I got a real kick looking back at the rest of the photos from this time period - it looks like we're all dressed up for a period piece about the 60's (although it was in fact, the 70's - it was just a counterculture California enclave of the 70's). And check out the size of my glasses!

This next picture has several foolish things going on. First of all - big red yarn in my hair. I mean, really, it's goofy enough when people used to use that stuff for wrapping packages. But for hair ties!? And on both sides of my head? Next, there's something on my lip. Maybe it's just a glare off my lip gloss, who knows. And last but definitely not least, check out the apron. It's got a bird on it. A parrot.... parakeet.... I can't make it out. And ruffles large enough to cover several small girls preparing for their first communion. It was Christmas and this was a gift from my mother, who is taking the photo. Even THEN I remember smiling and thinking "Oh. My. Gawd." (Mom, I'm sorry. If you're reading this - it was...... frilly.)

Here I am posing in one of my favorite odd hats. It's a pumpkin hat. They sell them at our local pumpkin patch. They had a ton of them for children and only a couple of adult sized ones. I bought them both. Kept one, sent one to my DIL who wears it to her job a preschool. The kids love it. In fact, everyone seems to love this hat. I wear it all around town from midSeptember on through the first of November and I can't walk through a restaurant or store without someone stopping me to ask "Where did you GET that hat!?" So somehow I managed to combine foolishness and fashion with this little gem. I particularly like this photo of me in it as I seem to be completely unconcerned with the monster ghost amoeba about to engulf me.


Blogger Deb R said...

Great trip down Memory Lane, Laume! I love the pirate pic and the pumpkin hat!!

I was surprised how few goofy photos I found too until I realized that once I was past my childhood I've usually been the one holding the camera rather than posing for it. Getting into this SPT thing has generated more photos of me in the past few months than there have been in years!

8:24 PM  
Blogger kristen said...

several of my goofy shots involve cleavage - or my girlfriends and i doing very very silly things. but i also have lots of my friends doing the silly and ridiculous fun things, but i was the photographer. a lot of times, there are very few pictures of me -- just as there are large chunks of video w/o rob. it's the curse of being the memory keeper :)

and hey! i had red yarn in my hair -- and have often been known to wrap presents with yarn. hee hee

8:24 AM  

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