Saturday, April 15, 2006

Grammy checks in

Last night I wanted to post a quick announcement of my granddaughter's happy arrival, but exhaustion made me stare at the computer and wonder "How does the keyboard work again?" So I went to sleep instead. A wise choice.

This morning I'm rested, showered, and on my way to run some errands and back to the hospital. Jeff and William are coming down to see baby Anastacia this afternoon. I want to write all about it but my brain is still running on a sub-literate level. It's just humming and twitching my face into smiles at the memory of that sweet (and clearly expressive) little face.

Think caveman thoughts:

"Baby - cute. Heart, Heart, Heart."

"Drive. Coffee good. Turn right."

"Pink little face. Frown so cute. Heart. Heart."

"Parking space."

"Laume happy."

So, I'll be down here for a few more days and perhaps you'll get a more truly informative and entertaining post out of me when I get back home.

And photos. LOTS of photos.


Blogger kristen said...

oh grammy laume,
i'm SO very excited for you (and noel and richard too, of course). I was thinking about noel off and on yesterday throughout the day - hoping that the labor was gentle and that the baby would latch easily and correctly, so i was delighted to see cindy's message.
we're in lodi until tomorrow. can't wait to talk to you and to see pictures :)
love and hugs, grammy!!

9:26 PM  
Anonymous poppy said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see the pictures!


8:44 PM  

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