Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Here's what a proud Grammy looks like.

And with no further ado, here's what a wee little Anastasia looks like! (I spelled her name wrong in my first announcement.) Here she's in Grampa's arms. He insisted on unwrapping her. She liked being a burrito baby, but put up with the finger and toe inspection for a few minutes. She has huge feet (the little feet images didn't fit in the space for them on the hospital certificate!) and really long delicate fingers.

Here's her brother Joshua saying hello for the first time.

And here's brother Garret meeting her.

Although, if the truth be told, the boys were far more interested in the fact that Grampa, Grammy, and Uncle William were in the room. And balloons. Or, as Joshua calls them - "balalaloos". Or as Garret calls them - "foo-bah!" (William gave him a little, soft football as a gift and now anything round or oval shaped - balls, balloons, Easter Eggs - is a "foo-bah")

Here's the happy (mostly, Garret was unhappy we wouldn't let him down off the bed) family.

One more picture of the birthday girl. See, she's dressed in pink - she's a girl. See! She has eyeballs!

Later, at home...... Noel laid Anastasia on the quilt I made for her for a photo op. Then she wrapped her up in it. Joshua ran to his room and got his Grammy Quilt, spread it out on the floor and laid on it so we could take his picture too. Of course, guess who else wanted to be wrapped up. So, we made Joshua and Anastasia burritos. And the quilt they're both laying on is one I made too, for Noel for her high school graduation.

I'll put more pictures up in an online photo album, just in case you need need more "ahhhs" and "ohhhhhs". I'll give you a heads up when I get around to it. But first things first. I have to go buy a new washing machine now. After twenty eight long years, my old one finally gave up the ghost.


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