Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A few things that fly

Remember those geese I was waxing on about about a week ago? The ones that filled the sky, but when I tried to show you a photo of them, well, it looked as dramatic as if I'd dropped a bit of black pepper in the image for all you could see them. Now that I've shared the baby photos, and I'm coming down out of the birth bliss and just plain ol' exhaustion from that event, I want to tell you about the geese again. On my way out of town to the birth last Thursday, I was driving by Honey Lake, the sun about to set, just skimming the top of the mountains behind me, when I glanced over at the lake and saw this (click to enlarge the picture):

Well, this and MORE. The geese I had heard honking high in the sky the week before had all settled down between the highway and the water's edge in some fields. Many fields. I tried to take a panoramic shot to show you just how far the geese stretched - it took five photos put end to end to get them all in one image. Alas, it's too long to fit on the blog without the geese being reduced into a long white line with no geese-ness left to it. But just imagine five of the above pics stretched end to end. These photos still don't capture the experience, but at least it's an improvement over my first pictures of invisible geese. Here's another pic towards the other end of the.... flock? I'd call it more a Woodstock of birds:

I don't know what kind of geese they are. They weren't Canadian Geese. I'm guessing they're a type of Snow Geese. Almost all white, with varying bits of black or gray on the edge of their wings. And one more photo, of what it looked like across the highway, the sun setting behind the mountains. I just thought it was pretty.

The next flying thing I want to share is a gift from my friend Kathy. She's probably my oldest friend - not old. Well, she is old. Older then me at least. But I mean I've known her forever. We both have 23 year old children and we met just as were both considering the idea of a getting pregnant. She said she went into this store, saw it, and knew she had to buy it for me. She knows I collect witch figurines. Isn't it exactly wondrously perfect!?! I think I'll slip the photo I have of her and I standing in front of the Orpheum Theatre when we went to San Francisco to see Wicked.

This last flying this well, it's not a flying thing. Although it is shaped vaguely like an aboriginal boomerang, doncha think? If you squinch your eyes up, cross them, and use your imagination? Okay, well, if I threw it at you, it would be flying, right!?

I found it at a local antique/junk shop while checking in, which I do periodically, for a nice old breakfront. This is a piece of funky, kitschy hand painted driftwood that I'm sure was originally a gift from one friend to another. I just liked it. It had a $1 sticker on it, marked down to 50 cents that day. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. I don't really want to put it on a shelf because then you won't see the cute saying painted on the bottom. Maybe I can attach it to the wall with a plate holder or something?


Blogger :-D eirdre said...

Ok - much better photos of the geese! Thanks for posting them. And what do you mean you are coming down from the Baby High - ahahhahaha - go and look at that teeny tiny face again and say, "ahhhhh", then smile.

I love your thrift shop find and if it was mine I would add a tiny screw eye to the top and hang it in my kitchen. It would piss Tom off but hey its me that counts right? Ready for a Latte?

4:27 AM  

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