Friday, April 21, 2006

Daffodilly Daze

Yesterday we mowed the lawn. "We" in the sense that I said "We need to mow the lawn" and my husband got the mower out of the garage and mowed.

Today I wandered around and took pictures of all the different daffodils and narcissis that have bloomed. Between the daffodils, forsythia, and dandelions, the entire yard looks like it's got splashes of yellow paint dropped on it.

I don't remember planting all these different varieties, nor do I recall there ever being as many daffodils as there are this year. Not that I'm complaining, mind you! There's also a small cluster of three early orange tulips, grape hyacinth hiding under the still mostly branchy shrubs, violets in the shade of the house.

Everything from the roses to the maple tree has teensy, tiny leaves appearing!!! You have to get your nose right up there almost in the plant to see them, but that's okay - it's enough just to know they've returned and soon I'll look up and see dappled greens of filtered sun above my head. Happy sigh.

The perennials are coming back - green clumps and shoots erupting out of the middle of the old straw colored remnants of last year's growth. Between travel and sickness and cold, snowy weather, I'm way way behind on cutting back the old garden to make way for the new. Usually I'd be stressed about the extra work it would take to work around the new shoots and leaves, but this year I am just so happy to see it finally arrive, whether I'm ready for it or not, that I don't care.

I went out to the shed, gathered up all the old packets of seeds, and sorted them out to see what I had and what I need to buy. I'm out of most everything for the first early spring planting - carrots, radishes, peas. I've got plenty lettuces and greens though.

I think I'll run out to the store tonight and get what I need so I'll be ready tomorrow to go out in the garden and start the magic of weeding and planting.

Spring is always welcome, but this year in particular, it's an extra balm for my soul.

Here's my poetry contribution for the week. I found it on a website for pre-school teachers. I thought it was delightful.

Last night a fairy strayed our way
And played upon the lawn.
She danced and skipped from end to end-
Then suddenly was gone.
What frightened her, I do not know,
She dropped her purse and ran,
Leaving a wealth of golden coins
To shine when day began!
Hazel Cedarborg


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