Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol - Reading for Fanatic Followers Only

I can't believe how caught up in this season I have become. It's becoming more and more difficult in the last few weeks to watch it as they got rid of the people who weren't any good or who were but irritated me, and now all that's left are people I like. Granted, I like them to varying degrees, but still, it's now sad to see folks go. I did think Ace would leave last week and was glad enough to sacrifice him to protect some of my more beloved contestants, but it was still sad. He's cute, he's likable, he's a good singer. But he's not a great singer, and that's the point. It was time for him to leave. And following the same logic, I hope that tonight Kelly will be the one to whom we bid farewell.

So, let's see:

Kathryn - she looked beautiful as always. She had one of the better performances I thought. I was sort of annoyed at how the judges criticized her. But I agree, it was a big song for her to take on. I usually vote for her but now that it's down to so few, I have to use a strategy more helpful then "Vote for all the people I like" because that is now all of them.

Kelly - she didn't get it last night. First of all, what was with the hair tied back like she was about to go clean out the garage? If she was gonna pick a night to dress classy and sophisticated, last night would have been the night. And I'm sorry, she's just not delivering in her songs. I really hope she goes tonight although I'm afraid being the only country singer left gives her a formidable fan base. My daughter-in-law made a comment about that the other day - "If she wants to sing country, she should be on Nashville Star, not American Idol." Very good point.

Paris - finishing up the girls, I think Paris is the most talented. She just can't seem to win with Simon, who loves when she acts little girlish, hates when she acts mature or sexy. I think he's got a double standard on the sexy thing, but I agree with him about when she tries to sing a song too old for her. Unfortunately it was difficult for me because her song choice last night, Memories, is one of my least favorite songs. I absolutely OD'ed on that song when they used to play it over and over and over.... on the radio. However, I do think she's the most talented of the females and I gave her one vote last night.

Now, for the boys. Ahhh. I really want it to come down to the three boys. I don't know if that's realistic or not, but if I had my way, it would be Chris, Taylor and Elliot as the last three. After that, even I don't know who I would want to win.

Elliot - this kid started out with me thinking he had a beautiful voice but not a lot of star appeal. He's not hunky cute (as if someone in my doddering old age should even care about that sort of thing!) and he wasn't really charismatic in a dramatic way. BUT, then he grew on me. And grew some more. And now I think he's just adorable. He needs to get his teeth fixed. But I now appreciate his less zany sweetness and man, that boy can sing! Our family double voted for him.

Taylor - As someone else commented - What IS it about this guy that just makes us all swoon!? I mean, when I watch him move up on stage, he stage moves remind me frighteningly of husband's dance moves. I say "frighteningly" because I've always thought that my husband's enthusiasm and willingness to dance makes up for his less then smooth dance style. But hey, there must be something endearing about it in both men or I wouldn't be so glued to the set when Taylor is in view. As for his singing, it wasn't his best last night. He seemed to be holding back, trying to be less "Taylor-ish" for the sake of the song, instead of singing it like he should have and letting the song take care of itself. He's got that great smoky, raspy thing going on and it only came through here and there. I've come to the conclusion that he's trying to "tone himself down" on the advice of the judges or perhaps others. He shouldn't. He's best when he's just who he is and damn the experts. Still, our family double voted for him.

Chris - what can I say. The kid is adorable and double appealing to me because he reminds me of my son Joe, so I just want to hug him. I really like his voice and I think it's improved through the weeks. I love his rock song performances but I also love when he surprises us with something soft or romantic. I was struck last night by the fact that even though he's not a country western singer, his voice would actually work really well in that genre. Regardless of whether he wins AI or not, I'm looking forward to buying his first album. His and Taylor's. I was so suprised and worried that he was in the bottom three last week that we gave him double votes then thought on it some more and voted two more times just to make sure he's safe.


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