Monday, June 12, 2006

The ABC's of Me

Since my brain is a bit short circuited, what with being pickled in all those summer cold germs, I don't want to have to think too hard. A good day to tag myself for Deb's latest Meme.

"The ABCs of Me"

Accent - Originally I had a Midwestern accent - "doncha know" - a little bit Prairie Home Companion Minnesotan and a little bit Wisconsin, close to Chic-Aaaa-go. Then my mom dragged us to New Mexico where my new high school sophomore friends took great delight in asking me to say "two" over and over while laughing hysterically at how funny I sounded. In New Mexico lost a lot of the Midwest and picked up a bit of the Spanish accent all my Mexican friends' parents had (but for some odd reason, my friends themselves did not) and a little bit of the Tex Mex cowboy drawl. At eighteen I came out to California where I believe I've mainly morphed into a "California" accent, meaning, the way the folks on the television talk.

Only I know that's not true, everyone has an accent, we just can't hear our own, usually. I found it interesting how many people in the UK couldn't tell the difference between a Canadian, an American, and an Australian accent. I can see the Canadian/American thing, it can be very subtle (although I can pick it up if I listen long enough), but Australian!? How can you NOT hear that!

I pick up and drop accents as easily and often as I change clothes. I think that's why I didn't pick up a really lasting accent overseas, because we changed accents every few days - folks in southern England don't sound the same as those in Wales and or those in London or those in the north and definitely not like the Scots and duh, people in Paris had a French accent. Well, they spoke French, but when they spoke English, of course it was with an accent. I'd pick up a word or sound or two and then we'd move on and the rules changed. The odd thing is that as easily as I pick up accents, I have a terrible time trying to recreate them when I'm not around them.

Booze - Wine or mead is nice with a heavy meal, Italian always seems to call for a small glass of wine. I love the taste of margaritas, but don't really have a lot of opportunities when I can drink (because I'm so small, if I drink, I can't drive, at all - and if I'm the only parent home, then I need to be able to drive if necessary). So I only have one about 3-4 times a year, if that. I've been known to dribble a bit of creme de menth or kahlua in my coffee or over my ice cream. That's about it. I'm not much of a drinker.

Chore I hate - Anything that's someone else's mess that I end up responsible for. Cleaning up dog poop or cat litter isn't a lot of fun either.

Dog/cat - 2 dogs (one big and old and silly, one teensy and the princess of the world), 13 cats (who I'm enjoying a lot more now that we're letting them be indoor/outdoor cats) and no bunnies (my bunny died while I was on holiday last month)

Essential electronics - from most important to least - digital camera, computer, cell phone, DVD and VHS players. Not on the list at all - alarm clock.

Favorite perfume - I'm with Deb on this one -Freshly-washed bare skin. I like musk, and vanilla. And I have this perfume I bought at Hot Topic years ago that I really love. I even like a scent on a man. But a little dab will do me - only if the scents are really, really, really, really faint. Strong or freshly applied will give me an instant headache.

Gold/silver - Either. Both! Often at the same time! Given the chance, I'll throw some copper on too, whatthehell! AGain, I'm just gonna leave Deb's answer 'cuz, yeah, what she said. Although I'll add that I don't really wear that much jewelry - my wedding ring, which has three colors of metals in it, and a necklace, the one I'm wearing now is hanging on a black cord and has only the teensiest of gold peeking out between the glass beads.

Hometown - I was born in Racine, Wisconsin but spent most of my pre-double digit childhood in Amery, Wisconsin and have always considered that my home town. I also lay claim to Sonoma, California as a "home town" because I lived there longer as an adult then anywhere else I'd ever lived up to that point, started my family there, and had long family ties to the area. Ironically, the two boys born there don't really remember it much at all and if asked, might call Susanville their home town.

Insomnia - Funny you should ask. I'm a night owl, so staying up late isn't a matter of NOT being able to sleep. It's more about WHEN in a 24 hour I sleep. I don't generally have any problems falling asleep when I decide to turn out the lights and I if something wakes me up in the middle of the night, I can go right back to sleep. However, since I've been back from Europe, my body doesn't really know WHAT time it is. It's settling down but I'm waking up and/or feeling sleepy at all hours of the day and night, none of which really have anything to do with any particular time zone at all. Sometimes I get, not insomnia, but restless. Like the last three nights, I've stayed up all night and slept in the morning.

Job title - The Hub at the Center of the Family Wheel

Kid(s)- Yes, many. Starting out with infertility issues, it's amazing how many children I managed to gather along the way. Joshua, Joseph, Noel, Sam, and William. And now I have grandchildren - Joshua, Garret, Anastasia and Joe and Lisa's baby-to-be.

Living arrangements - A ranch style house on a big corner lot at the edge of a small town. It's a standard type of house but I like it because it's not too new and it has character - hardwood oak floors, funky kitchen cabinets, odd shaped windows. Some day we'll move back onto more acreage, but for now, settled here under our two big maple trees, with a pretty good view of the the local mountain ridges, I'm happy.

Most admirable trait - How about optimism - that's admirable I suppose. Or annoying, depending on your point of view. - again - stealing Deb's answer will do nicely. Or, I could go with kind. I think I'm a pretty kind person compared to most.

Number of countries visited - US (although really, we should be allowed to divide that up into regions - Pacific Northwest, Southwest.... I've visited all the regions but the Deep South), Canada, Mexico, UK (can I divide that into Scotland, Wales, and England - THEY think of themselves as separate countries), and France. So, add it up the way you want.

Overnight hospital stays - When I was born, when Joe was born, and when I almost bled to death during one of my miscarriages. So three. I've spent a lot more overnights at the hospital being WITH other family members though.

Phobias - This is so wierd, but here goes - I don't like to walk around in my socks. Shoes or barefeet for me. I also have a fear of heights which developed after my first child was born. I can do heights, but they make me nervous. And since my divorce and rearing up again after Joshua died, anxiety attacks and the rare but occasional panic attack. Fun.

Quote - "No matter where you go, there you are." Don't know the source. AND, "Not all who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien

Religion - raised Roman Catholic. Never really had a serious falling out with them, rather we agreed to disagree and parted as friends. For me the issues centered around absolutes. I don't believe we can have them. Life and death and everything in between is too much of a mystery for any one faith to say "THIS WE KNOW." No you don't. You're guessing as much as anyone else. Having said that, I do think faith, the kind that helps one to form an understanding of the world and gives you community, is a good thing, even if it's not the particular flavor or brand of religion I'd personally choose. And just as long as your faith is freely chosen, not shoved down your throat, or so restrictive that you think it's a good idea to go out and exterminate or absorb those that say otherwise. As for me, I don't think any one religion is big enough to fit it all in. I sorta pick and chose, but I guess you could call me a panthiest since I like to have my spiritual moments when outside with the stars and trees and birds and wind and grass and wiggly earth worms and all the rest of nature. Or you could call me a neo-pagan. I tell folks I chose them because they have the best holidays, and more of them.

Siblings - I grew up with two sisters, both of them younger then me. For a few of those years we had some step-siblings, although that marriage is long over and I don't know what happened to any of the kids. When I was already an adult, my mother remarried and I picked up some permanent step siblings. Unfortunately we're not that close at the moment, emotionally or physically, but I certainly care about them and keep tabs on where they are.

Time you usually wake - I refuse to answer this on the grounds that it may be misconstrued. I will only say this - I wake up every day after having your basic 6-9 hours of sleep.

Unusual talent - I have no idea. I can't wiggle my ears or nose. I can't curl my tongue. I can't juggle. Dang. Oh, I know. When the phone rings, I almost always know who's calling before I pick it up.

Vegetable I refuse to eat - Sardines. They aren't a vegetable? Then I don't know. I've never met a vegetable I didn't like.

Worst habit - Procrastinating

X-rays - I don't think so, unless you want to count dental x-rays. And a sonogram when I was 9 months pregnant with William.

Yummy foods I make - Oh, lots of things. Pies, dumplings, various soups. I'm good at stir fries and pilafs. Ratatoulle, potato salad. I'm an excellent cook. Almost anything I attempt I expect to turn out well. Of course the real question these days is - DO I cook? Uhm, not so much anymore.

Zodiac - Capricorn Sun, Aires Moon, Aquarius Ascendant

I won't tag anyone, but if you'd like to do this meme, just let me know so I can come read it.


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I'm with you on the sardines even if they aren't veggies! Great list.

I may do this one but not right away....maybe in a few days.

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