Friday, June 09, 2006

Ramblings, P.S.

Did anyone catch that for most of last evening there were three copies of my last post on the blog? Did I say Blogger was a pothead? I rest my case.

I took care of my hormonal blues the good ol' fashioned way this evening. Lots of carbs. First there was dinner out, fish and chips. Hubby asked afterwards if I wasn't cooking at home because I still hadn't gone to the market to get any groceries since I'd returned. First, was it impossible for him to go to the market while I was gone, therefore necessitating a trip by me upon my return for there to be food in the house? I clarified, however, that I had indeed been marketing and there was plenty of food in the house which could be prepared, cooked, and eaten by anyone in our home. That is, anyone in our home could have been the person to which any of those last three verbs could have referenced as having done the action. You getting the picture here? I assured him that dinner out had nothing to do with my inability to shop, or cook, and everything to do with my mood. He wisely accepted that as a satisfactory response. Back to my carbs....

Next came a big bowl of popcorn with butter, yeast, and Margarita Lime Popcorn Salt. Look for that last one at World Market - yum! Last but not least came the big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with bananas, caramel, chocolate sauce, and milk. Milk? Well, yeah, I like milk on my sundaes. Weird, I know. But they are my sundaes so I can eat them however I like.

You might think the sundae was a bit over the top. I could have stopped with the popcorn. But I had to eat the ice cream because it was the last of the ice cream, the bottom of the tub. I only ate it to do myself a favor because then the ice cream was all gone and I wouldn't be tempted to eat it in the future, say tomorrow night. No sense leaving it there to become extra calories at some unknown time in the future. Better to polish it off, get it over with, and get rid of those calories once and for all. And do NOT tell me that this last bit makes no sense to any of you because I know that you have all used this sort of circumnavigatable logic in order to explain the disappearance of ice cream, cookies, the last piece of frozen tiramisu.... Don't even try to deny it.

William has decided that when we go to Colorado, it will be just a hop, skip, and a jump to go to The Four Corners area. He wants to be in four states at the same time. He was looking at the map as he was planning this little side trip and suddenly realized that if we were gonna go to The Four Corners area we might as well keep on going to The Grand Canyon. I pointed out that he's already been to The Grand Canyon. He reminded me that he was only three at the time and doesn't remember it. I pointed out that it was a lot of extra driving to circle round through Arizona and he just pointed to the map and said it didn't look all that far away to him. Hmmmm. I guess now that he's been 9 time zones across the globe, an extra zig and a bit more zag, give or take five hundred miles or so, doesn't seem like a long trip.

We'll see. Maybe. And if we're gonna be down south, maybe we'll just swing down to San Diego and see the son, daughter-in-law, and developing grandbumpy. Then again, maybe we'll just drive straight back home as planned. A few extra inches on the map translates into more then a few extra hours in the car. And it's a big car, which, I still can't believe we now actually own a gas guzzling Bronco. Oh, and towing a camper. How much of an adventure am I truly up for?

I'm off to bed now but, I really do have to start cooking at home again. At least until I leave again in another week and a half. Anyone remember which cabinet the pots and pans are in?


Blogger Janet said...

Oh, yes! I CAN relate to eating the last bit of something just as you described - done it many times.

The Four Corners area is interesting, and they have a photo op area marking the "exact" spot!

That whole area of the country is so very beautiful IMHO. See as much as you can.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Deb R said...

Pothead? Please! Blogger's been doing WAY more heavy drugs than pot the last few days! I think the only reason it's working again at the moment is because they finally passed out in a gutter somewhere and can't currently mess with things. :-P

10:02 AM  

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