Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Popping in from vacation

Boy oh boy, summer sure has created gaping holes in my blogging schedule. All this travel. I didn't mention I'd be out of touch when I left for Colorado because I assumed I'd only be away from computer access for a day or two at a time. Whodathunk my sister would be one of those people who can live without internet access at her home. NowI'm here at my mom's house and she has internet, in fact she finally has DSL instead of dial up. It took me years to convince them it was worth it to upgrade. But I digress. Here, we've been very busy with visiting, this is the first opportunity I've had to pop in for a quick hello.

I'm just gonna toss a few family photos your way and then get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight as I have plans quasi - early tomorrow morning and I'm still fighting off this sinus crud stuff, or rather, I'm finally getting past it, and it would be nice to have a decent night's sleep for a change.

Here's my baby sister Lisa and I. I don't suppose she looks like a baby sister to you all. I mean, notice the doctor's coat with her name on it and the ID badge hanging importantly around her neck? She's a big wig vet and university professor to a lot of people who know her. But to me, I still have trouble on occasion remembering she's a grown up. Funny, that, when you notice which one of the sisters is maturely making rabbit ears behind the other sister's head.

We had a great visit. Wish we'd had longer to visit but we had to be off to visit mom before she burned out her cell phone with all the calls to see if we were leaving yet. Sigh. But hey, it's nice to be loved.

We (William is with me although he's not in either of these photos since he was playing photographer) finally made it down to my mom and stepdad's house and very conveniently, my other sister lives only about an hour away. We got together for a few hours this afternoon and hopefully we'll spend another part of a day together before we have to start back towards California.

This is my other sister, Laurie, also younger (was there any doubt that I was the oldest, bossy one?), and our very tiny mom, Barb. Where Lisa and I look more like my dad, Laurie looks more like my mom. Funny though, I see a lot of my sister Laurie in William's features. Genetics is a strange and wonderful thing.

Okay, gotta get myself off to bed. Later, gators.


Blogger Janet said...

We bloggers left behind will still be here when you return...waiting for more photos and notes on your adventures.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Kirsty said...

I think you all look a lot like your mum. Funny her name is mom's name was Barbara, too!

Hope you're having a wonderful time hooking up with family. You look so happy!


7:25 PM  

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