Thursday, January 04, 2007

Book Resolutions

For some reason I've gotten books and resolutions mixed up together in my head. Or rather, I've become somewhat obsessed with what I'll read this coming year, how much I'll read, what type of books, and so on. And I've been thinking of it as one of my new year's resolutions to make some sort of commitment to reading both specific books and more books.

In random order, here are some of the literary resolutions I'd like to work at in 2007:

  • I'd like to read more books this year then last.

  • I'd like to read at least a book a week. (I'd actually like to read more then one book a week but I'm being realistic and aiming for at least one book a week)

  • I'd like to keep a more complete record of the books I read and when I read them.

  • I'd like to read more variety this year, specifically: more classics, more children's literature, more bestsellers, and more nonfiction. ( As a child I read about equal amounts of fiction and nonfiction. For most of my adult life I read mostly nonfiction. And for most of the last ten years I've read almost exclusively fiction.)

  • I'd like to make a list of books that have come across my radar screen in the last year or so, made me think "I'd like to read that", but for one reason or another I never managed to get around to reading. I want to alternate random selections from my bookshelves with working my way through this list of books.

I was going to finish this post with the start of this Books To Read list, but it's late and I find that even though this afternoon I could think of more then a dozen books I wanted to add, at the moment I can only think of ONE. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. ONE isn't really much of a list. So, I'll get back to you with the whole list thing at a later time. Er, or rather, when it's not so late. I mean, another day. Sheesh. Time to go read. I've only got another three days to finish my first book in the first week of the year.


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