Saturday, January 06, 2007

Holiday Photos #19

I haven't done a Holiday Photo post for awhile. This isn't an amazingly scenic batch, but I'm working my way through them in chronological order. What you can't see in these photos is how much fun we had discovering Edinburgh. Who knew the Scots were such witty folk! And there was so many different things to see. These photos are mostly small scenes. We road the bus a lot in Edinburgh and we passed so many shops, spots, intriguing areas and roads that if we'd had more time, we would have spent time discovering them in more detail. There always seemed to be something just around the corner, or down a close. A close you say? Well, I don't have a photo of one here yet, but I'll tell you more about a close in the next round or two of pictures.

Here's a shot of yet another gothic steeple, this one from somewhere in the park that ran along the edge of the oldest part of the city. I'm afraid I never caught the name of the park. Remember, you can click on any of the photos to see the larger image.

It also rained a lot while we were in Edinburgh. In fact, the only blue skies we saw there were on the morning we left. Sheesh. So it wasn't good weather for photo taking.

Frustratingly, I can't remember exactly where I took this photo. Somewhere in the city. These beautiful celtic crosses were all over the UK.

I think this was a pub. Just liked the sign.

I liked these silly creative creatures. At the time I took the photo, I didn't yet understand what they were - maybe an art supply store? But now I can see a bit of the sign in the top left hand corner of the photo, and of course! - it was the entrance to the information office for the Fringe. Later we learned that each August Edinburgh hosts a huge city wide festival called Fringe that celebrates art, literature, theatre, and all manner of street fun. I'd love to go back for the craziness some year.

Since then I've discovered that not only does Edinburgh have a fringe, I'm kinda assuming the orginal one, but there are fringe festivals all over the world. Where have I been living?! How come I didn't know about this before? I wanna go! Do we have any fringes out here on the West Coast?

Here is William posing with another friend. Not sure who he is. He looks more British then Scottish though, doncha think? He was just outside a pub or something. But, he was a standing there, so William had to pose with him.

Another celtic cross.

This was in the cobblestones on The Royal Mile, the "main street" of Edinburgh. I just looked for info on it and discovered it's called The Heart of Midlothian.

Like I said, not much in this batch of photos. But tomorrow I'll put up another round of Edinburgh art cow photos over at Laume's Studio. Today you can go there and check out a post about some knitting woes I've been having. But don't forget to go back tomorrow for the cows. The cows are moooo-vahlous!


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