Sunday, February 25, 2007

We have winter!

We're finally getting some winter around here! While a lot of you a lot of you geographically 4-season folk have had more then your fair share of the white stuff this year, we've been plodding through the dark, dreary months with plenty of freezing temperatures but no snow.

I took this photo this morning before the wind swept in and blew all that lovely icing off the trees. I know it doesn't look like it, but this is a color photo. That dark hooded figure is a neighbor on his way to work but he looks like a shadow just passing through this world from someplace else, doesn't he? I find myself wondering if Binky isn't camouflaged somewhere in all that white.

Here's a photo with some color. I snapped it this evening when I had to venture out with the dogs. Brrrrr. Last summer a fellow at the local thrift store was sorting through a box of copper items and this was left amongst some plastic junk, broken in bits. He was going to toss it in the dumpster. Instead I brought it home, fixed it, and hung it outside in my apple tree. It doesn't stand out in the colorful summer garden, but it looks like jewels sparkling in a garden of snow.

If you need even more color then this, click on over to Laume's Studio to see what I was working on this evening while I watched The Academy Awards on television. This year I haven't yet managed to see a single one of the nominated films. I watched it mainly to see all the beautiful people in their evening finery. There were a lot of dresses I loved, a few I really thought missed the mark, but one of the highlights of the evening for me was Helen Mirren, 61 years old and so abso-friggin stunning she looked better then a lot of the women half her age!

I better quit before this turns into a fashion review. I'm sure there are hundreds of Oscar fashion blogs up already! Oh. It's snowing again.


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