Monday, March 19, 2007

My true conscience?

Your conscience is often portrayed in cartoons and movies by an angel on one shoulder reminding you to do the right thing and a devil on the other shoulder cajoling you to give in to your more selfish desires. It appears my conscience is not a devil and an angel, but a dog and a cat.

I wonder what that says about me? Or how that affects my decisionmaking? Probably Rosie is saying "You should get up. Do something useful. I'll help. It will be fun!" while Charlie is yawning and saying "It's comfy here. Why get up? You'd only disturb me. Call for more coffee to be delivered."

Which one would YOU listen to?


Anonymous Lisa said...

I would listen to Charlie. I think coffee should always be delivered!

2:08 PM  
Anonymous alala said...

The cat is definitely the mammal after my own heart. Dogs have way too much energy. I just don't know how they do it. Caffeinated kibble?

3:41 PM  

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