Saturday, March 03, 2007


I keep trying to write a book update post and life keeps steering me sideways. Today was gonna be a blogging and crafty day - maybe a bit of cooking and cleaning thrown in the mix. Jeff got the day off work to take William and his buddies snowboarding after the big storm. But all William's friends were injured to one degree or another. Brandon still has a bum knee from the last trip, James was horsing around at school and broke his arm. So.

Instead we loaded up the car and left midday to visit Sam. Lots of snow up and over the top, but dry roads and it is warm and green down here in the valley. I took lots of photos. I'll see what I've got to share when we get home, either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Oh! One photo funny I can share now though. Joke's on MOI! We stopped at Sam's property to see how the house building was going. Right before we left to drive the rest of the way down to the valley, Jeff took a photo of Sam and I. I turned the camera to Display mode to show Sam. Then we left. Just before we got back to the highway, there's another road that turns off and makes a break in the trees so you can see the whole valley below. I stopped (no cars) and rolled down the window to take a photo of the view. I turned on the camera, put it up to my eye and SCREAMED! There were two people standing right outside the car window! How did they get there so fast!

William was watching from the other front seat and saw what I saw, only from a larger perspective. So he started laughing a split second before I did, when I realized the camera was still set to Display and I was staring at the photo of Sam and myself.

No, my roots are NOT blonde.


Anonymous Terri said...

Ghosts showing up in the camera, huh? Just to let you know, your writng is every bit as funny, as delightful and as absorbing as the four women who were panelists at the Saturday night free for all at this year's Whidbey Island Writer's Conference ...actually is wasn't free for all--it was $5 for non Conference Participants. Women who read/talked about their writing: Dorothy Allison, Karen Joy Fowler, Jane Hamilton and GAil Tsukiyama. I've read a book by three--all except Dorothy, but hearing her speak made me want to read...she's a character! I kept thinking about you...when are you going to write a book?

11:51 AM  

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