Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring is springing

Only a couple more days until the official start of spring, but I went out in my yard the other day and discovered that nature just couldn't wait. Look what I found!

The forsythia is trying to bloom. (This particular plant has never been very healthy, but every year it tries and I don't have the heart to take it out.)

I found a daffodil. (which means it will probably snow again soon. My daffodils always seem to get snowed on). I also found a "cat tail" Ha!

Oh. Look. I found whole cats too. They love the warmer weather and now there's a swarm of them underfoot every time I'm in the front yard.

As you can see, they helped me take all the photos. Let's pretend the cat head is so you can get a size contrast and not because someone was being nosy. Here are some narcissus.

I found a golf ball. Odd. We don't play golf. Maybe it's a new type of mushroom. It's way past time to pull back the leaf mulch from the perennials.

Some pretty pink hyacinth. Hyacinth - I can't say that word without thinking of the BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances.

My hubby must have been inspired by the stacked rocks we saw last week, because this little pile wasn't here the last time I looked. Again, a cat included in the photo for size perspective. Oh, two cats. There's another one sneaking in the top left corner.

The next time I go out to the garden, I really need to trade in camera for a rake and spade. The gardening season hasn't even officially started yet and I'm already behind!


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