Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My weekend - in pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So consider this a 10,000 word blog post. Just thought I'd ramble through the last few days.

I made cookies several days ago. Oatmeal raisin. They were very yummy. I just finished the last three tonight.

The snow is melting. All sorts of things are reappearing in our front yard. The back yard is on the north side of the house, so it's still mostly under snow. And ice.

There's still lots of snow left up above us in the higher mountains. I was surprised to see it wasn't necessarily deeper then how much we had down here ("down" being a relative term - we're at about 4300 feet above sea level), it's just sticking around a little longer. This is a beautiful snag we see whenever we drive to Redding. William wasn't very happy with me stopping to take photos every few miles. (Don't forget you can click on the photos to enlarge them - you really have to do so to see some of the detail on some of the upcoming pics.)

The reason we were up in the mountains was because we went up and over to visit Sam in Redding. Here's Jeff and Rosie posing in front of Mt. Lassen.

We stopped to see the new work on Sam's house. The outside stucco is on and inside the sheeetrock is up, textured, and painted. We got to see his cabinets and flooring, all stacked and ready to install. Here are the boys "talking shop" - From L to R: Jeff (oh, and I guess one girl, he's holding Rosie), Sam (you like the pencil sticking out of his ear), William, and grandpa Harry.

Sam's property is below the snow. This manzanita was blooming. I love the beautiful red bark. It contrasts well with the pink blossoms.

This is a California Live Oak. These trees are so gorgeous, especially before they leaf out when you can see the complex network of twisting branches.

Across the highway where we stopped to take a photo of the grand old tree is this nice view of Mt. Shasta. That's a view of two volcanoes in one day. Someone has a nice, fancy home over there, eh?

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my friend Shelly. On the way out I stopped at the end of our street to snap this view of the sunset.

After dinner I went to the other end of town to grab a couple of Starbucks for Jeff and I to enjoy when he came home from work. I thought the clouds looked as pretty playing with the moon as they did earlier when they were painted by the sun. I rather liked this photo of it squeezed inbetween the Golden Arches and the streetlamp.

And th-th-that's all folks!


Blogger Lostcheerio said...

Awesome moon picture!! :D

Ours was of the lunar eclipse that we were watching while driving home from Baltimore... we tried with every wretched camera we had, only to find that you really can't photograph a lunar eclipse while driving down the freeway, with a bunch of crappy cameras and a phone. Hehehe.

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