Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sippy cups and Sorting CDs

I found the solution to bugless drinks - an adult sized sippy cup. JulieZ had a good idea too, a water bottle. I didn't think of that. But I have these Tupperware tops that fit both the child and adult sized cups. I've had them for decades. They don't make these anymore but they are the greatest idea ever because they're not just for babies. They're great for bringing a cold drink in the car or out into the garden. Last night it occurred to me, duh, I could use them in the house as well.

As you can see, the cup is sitting atop a stack of CD's. Specifically, it's sitting atop the "L" stack. On the left you can see a tiny edge of the "K" stack (not very big - Killers, Alison Krauss, Kiva, and Carol King) and on the right looms the "M" stack, which is one of the larger piles. On the shelve below is a bit of the "S" and "T" stacks.

I've been talking about my rearranging saga more over on Laume's Studio because up until recently I was focused on choosing wall colors and learning faux painting techniques. But now I'm in the onerous, tedious, slow going stage where it's all about cleaning and sorting and rearranging furniture - mostly shelving and office furniture. Ugh.

I spent most of yesterday evening categorizing and alphabetizing our CD collection. A few years ago I organized and boxed (you can see in the photo below some of the boxes) our rather substantial cassette tape collection. I really wanted to transfer all our music to CD to save space but it turned out there was no economically viable way to do that. I wasn't willing to give up on listening to our old music, so I settled for these nice clean boxes.

Instead I decided to save space by getting rid of all the CD cases and storing our CD's in binders. Hubby was dead set against the idea, he loves his cases, the art work, the lyric pages. So I dropped the idea and let him keep his cases.

But that was a few years ago. In the meantime our CD collection has grown and a lot of the CD's don't even have cases anymore as we download a lot from iTunes or make copies because William and I both want the same music in our CD binders. I'd been stealing CDs from the family collection and adding them to my travel binders for a long while, until now half the cases simply stood empty on the shelf.

Now I'm getting rid of that shelf, so I made the unilateral decision to go ahead with the case tossing over hubby's objections (which I rather felt had lost their validity long ago). Hubby sometimes doesn't like me to do things simply because he doesn't like changes, period. I'm trying to make the change more palatable by storing things in several different categories and by alphabetizing it all for him. I'm also removing the song list papers from the back of the cases and storing them behind each CD. I was going to also store the front lyrics and cover art booklets behind each CD but the slots are too tight to accomodate them, so instead I'm going to save them (alpahbetically) in their own folder. Whew. Time consuming. Ripping apart those CD cases - my fingernails are shot. If it was just for me, I'd toss the cases in their entirety and fill the binders willy nilly. Okay, so maybe I'd put all of one artist together. But I wouldn't do all the extra organizing.

I was going to present it to him as a fait accompli but I underestimated how long it would take. I was still at it when hubby came home from work. In fact I didn't even make it through the C's before I gave up for the night. Hubby just sighed and looked resigned. So that's good. I think he'll actually like the new set up once it's done. No more piles of CD's left to be knocked over by the cats. No more Rubik's cube situation with CD's stacked in multiple rows.

As you can see, the cats think the new shelves are for them. This is George in the photo but all the cats have spent some time lounging here. Boy, are they gonna be disappointed when I move the books into their new cat perch.


Blogger The Lone Beader said...

Awww.... cute kitty face!

8:49 AM  
Anonymous alala said...

You could leave a box out for them. Or just one empty shelf?

11:56 AM  
Blogger Belita Rose said...

Yay, now I have a real excuse for using a sippy, besides "I didn't feel like getting out another cup!"

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Deirdre said...

I used those cups all the time to take to work - of course I also put a straw into the lid, cos that's the way I like to drink my coffee.

Good luck with the organizing!

:-D eirdre

6:18 PM  

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