Friday, October 19, 2007

Witches Three

Somehow we lost Joli's pacifer clip out in the pumpkin fields, so we stopped at Walmart on the way home to pick up a new one.

Obviously we made a detour to the costume aisle.

We believe it's important for children to play with age appropriate toys. She preferred the scythe over the hatchet.

We tried on lots of hats and brandished assorted weapons. We put on all manner of scary masks and to scary Joli but she only laughed at us.

Joli knows a handful of words and her favorite one is kitty. The cats are all kitties. Rosie is a kitty. Even the pigs at the pumpkin patch were kitties. So when we showed her this cute little fellow she smiled and announced -



Blogger Miss*Laurence said...

This is so funny! Obviously unimpressed by all things branded scary by the grown-ups...Love her x-ray top too.

12:15 PM  

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