Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Countdown Confusion

I'm still not sleeping much at night because of the necessity to breath. Attempts at horizontalness starts up these coughing jags of King Kong proportions. So I lay down for five minutes, cough for ten minutes, go into the living room to try to salvage hubby's slumber, and then come back in resigned for more plumping of pillows and reading. I've also been doing computer work, light housekeeping, and listmaking in the wee hours - at least I'm doing something productive.

Yesterday I made an updated To Do list I have to complete before we leave. I felt better looking at it, things seem well in hand. Full of last minute frantic rushing around, but still, par for the course for me and unlike my holiday To Do lists, not insanely impossible. That is, I felt better until my mom pointed out that my countdown was off by several days. No, no, I assured her. I did the math on the calendar again just to be sure. Seven, six, five.... Yep. We arrive in London next Teusday.

And then I had a mental double take - but there was something...... oh dear. We might be arriving in London on Teusday, but we will be out the door here on Sunday. So, factoring in half of today is already gone....... only four and a half days left to get ready!



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