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Holiday Photos #32 - Paris

Last Holiday Photo post we were leaving England and here's where we ended up - recognize that metal structure peeking out behind William?

I've been impatient to share our Paris photos but was determined to work my way methodically and chronologically through each day of our trip, so I'm only now, on the brink of a return trip, getting to them. Never in a million years would I have anticipated this twist in things. I thought I would have time to finish up the rest of the photos from our (Willliam and mine's) trip but then I got sick and I jumped into the countdown series so, hmmmm, unlikely.
Perhaps I'll be a bit less thorough with how many photos I share (with the expectation of taking so many new photos soon!), but I'll just keep muddling through even if I don't finish up until after we get back from this next visit. After all, I'm one of those people who can never get enough of other people's travel trips. And although a few people probably think it's time to "move on", I know quite a few readers still look forward to my these holiday pictures in particular.

I took this photo from atop the Eiffel Tower of course. I took quite a few photos up there but I wanted to share this one because it showed a couple of things - it is a city of white. Coming from the UK, where the buildings, depending on which part of the island we were in, were red or yellow or deep charcoal grey, I was struck by the whiteness of the buildings of Paris. I didn't know this until I visited. It reminds me a lot of San Francisco. No wonder they are considered sister cities by so many people, including myself. Also, look at all the green as well. I just recently read that Paris has more trees within the city limits than any other city.

William and I wandered around and stumbled upon a lot of interesting or famous places without deliberately seeking them out - like this organic building. I've seen other photos of it online since I took these photos - but I still don't know the name or purpose of the building.

William's checking it out - yep, those are living plants.

You probably recognize that building in the background too. Notre Dame. I like this photo because it doesn't focus on just one thing but gives more the sense of being surrounded by the many things. It's the swirling of it all that creates the many energies and moods that is Paris. I particularly liked the two people sitting quietly on the empty walkway along the river. (If you click to enlarge, you'll see there are two birds keeping the two people company. And no, I didn't notice the people OR the birds when I took the photo. I only discovered that I had captured them after the fact.) Do you recognize that walkway from the movie An American in Paris? I saw that movie first as a young girl and it was one of the first scenes that I watched and thought "So romantic!"

Here I am halfway across a bridge. I don't know which one, I think this one was just off of Notre Dame. This is one of my favorite photos from the entire trip. You can see I'd already realized I was illegal - walking around sans scarf, and I had purchased this long, green, cotton beauty. I wore scarves quite frequently before this but primarily the fuzzy knit or woven wool winter variety. I had a pretty large bandana scarf collection as well and wore them on my head almost constantly in my late teens and early twenties. In the years just prior to this trip I'd also discovered the ease and pleasure of the oversized sarong/shawl sized scarf. But I guess you could say this scarf was the beginning of my scarf collection as it was the scarf where I realized I actually collected them, that I had more scarves than your average woman (well, maybe average American woman). It was the link in styles that sealed my fate as a year round scarf wearer.

Of course, you know what happens when you finally figure out you are collecting something, right? Yep, you collect more! I'm not planning on bringing any scarves with me on our new visit (well, maybe ONE) - I'd rather have the fun of finding some new scarves while I'm traveling and then they'll be not only beautiful but also a beautiful memento.

One more photo of me hanging out with some tough looking chicks. I don't know but I assume these might be Amazons? If you click to open this photo you should be able to make out that my companions are barebreasted. It was a bit chilly for me to follow suit. Too, I thought the other people wandering about in front of the Musee D'Orsay might object to my more well worn pair.

Yawwwwn, time to take to my bed. It's late (early?) and very cold. Did you know it SNOWED here today!? Sheesh! But hey, better it snow here than what it's been doing in the last week, which is snowing over in Europe. I'm planning a SPRING vacation folks!

I'll try to get more photos up tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot! There's more. Over at Laume's Studio you'll find photos from inside the Louvre. Obviously, had to put the art photos up on my art blog - classy it up a bit.

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Blogger Belita Rose said...

The plants on that wall are so cool!!! Love you!

11:23 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

only slightly confused here...these are pics from a past trip, but you are leaving in a few days on another trip? yes??

I love your scarf! I bought a big scarf/shawl in Spain and wore it everyday there and I wear it all the time back at home. Love how both the men and women love their scarves...

9:48 AM  
Blogger Laume said...

Stephanie - Yes, I know, very confusing. Two years ago my son and I spent a month in the UK and Paris and I've been working my way through the many photos we took with posts called "Holiday Photos #_" And my hubby and I are on about to leave for two weeks in Paris (with a handful of days in London as well). A different son and his girlfriend will be joining us this time around for five of the days.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Jaye said...

I know what you mean about the scarves thing. I got totally addicted in England. Still wear them a lot. Fun bit was a shop owner here, Edla who is from the Faeroe Islands, took one look at me the day I wore my favourite scarf and said she knew I'd been to Europe just by the way I wore my scarf. Totally made my day. She is a good friend now, as she runs our local yarn shop.

3:11 PM  

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