Monday, April 21, 2008

Pardon, My Loyal Readers

Alas, I had forgotten about the French keyboard. Half the keys are the same as an American keyboard, half are different, which makes for slow and painful typing and colorful language. Too, it's been more difficult than I expected to find an internet cafe open when we need one. But despite my lack of promised communications, be assured we are having a marvelous time. It was a pretty exhausting pace with Sam and Kyla here. They left yesterday and we had a down day to run errands and do laundry and just undo some of the traveler's exhaustion that had caught up with us.
Today is good and we are off to the Musee D'Orsay.

About to run out of time here at the cafe.

Au Revoir!


Blogger Stephanie said...

oh those keyboards can be challenging! I could not figure out now to make the @ while in Mexico...hard to send email without that!

have fun!

11:27 AM  
Blogger Miss*Laurence said...

I'd been away from blogs and forgot you were coming to Europe :(((
Still, you're going to the only reason to visit Paris... Orsay!! Try the Orangerie as well if you can, just to get an idea of the size of the Monets...
Well talking keyboards, I had to get used to qwerty, and have to battle with the ASCI codes ( you know the style ALT+133 etc) i bet it's a lot easier the other way round!!
Hope you're having some kind of decent weather!

2:52 PM  

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