Sunday, April 13, 2008


This trip isn't just all about me, although hopefully we'll spend a lot of time pretending it is. Hehe. But no, our son Sam and his girlfriend Kyla will be joining us for the first five days. And hubby of course. So, although I'm looking forward to food, museums, walks, photo opportunities, beautiful architecture, babbling my few dozen words of French....... if William on the last trip was any indication of how things will go, hubby and Sam will be over the moon about all the interesting cars of Europe. Here's a photo of two of hubby's most recent obsessions, a Mini and a Smart car.

Update on yesterday's post: It did take most of the day to pack. Amazingly, I managed to make everything fit without much trouble. My luggage is full, but not snug. The only glitch was I couldn't find my midsized backpack I planned on using as my one personal carry on item. I hunted everywhere for it and finally gave up and went to Walmart, my only option. They had such slim pickings. I settled on a computer shaped tote so that I could use it for carrying my laptop in the future.


Anonymous alala said...

Have you told Sam about the Twingo yet? Not the newer model, those are boring, but the ones before 2007. Very cute, very odd, very European.

5:14 AM  

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