Saturday, April 12, 2008


When William and I visited England, we spent many hours ahead of time wondering about the different English meals we'd sample. We'd heard a lot of names but we didn't know what they actually consisted of - well, except for Fish and Chips. One of the first pubs we ate in I spied Bangers and Mash on the menu and had to give it a try. Oh! Sausages and mashed potatoes (usually served with a side of peas - although that's not particularly special as it seems quite a few things arrived with a side of peas).

I grew up in the Midwest where there were many northern European variations on this dish. Yum. I make my own version from time to time, usually with vegetarian sausages, although on occasion with a fancy sausage of some sort - apple and walnut turkey sausage, or something spicy. Even, although not for ages, my childhood favorite - bockwurst. I enjoyed the British variety - the sausage varied a bit from place to place, but they were all good. I'm looking forward to finding time to have another go at a plate of these during the couple of days we'll be in London.


Anonymous Deirdre said...

Someone mentioned that you might be going to London - If you want to see a quilt show (in london's oldest cemetery) I just visited the virtual show and am very jealous, as I'd love to see this in person.

Hope that link works - if not cut and paste.
:-D eirdre

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