Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Flowers, More Family

Busy today. Sewing and creating is still in full force. Housecleaning had to be done again (funny how it never stays done no matter how much one scrubs or vacuums!), a list of things to run out and buy at the market, Walmart, health food store and dollar store. And the house is filling up, Joe, Lisa and Joli camped their way up the Sierra's this last week and finally arrived here where they were delighted to find such luxuries as showers, refrigerators, and washing machines.

All this to say, all I've got for ya are some pretty pics I took of the garden. I noticed the morning glories and cosmos are finally blooming and it inspired me to get my camera.

This color is right next to the new dining canopy (that I haven't taken a photo of yet for you), but we can't enjoy it much as it's still too hot to use!

We had wonderful turnips from the garden last night. I'm really excited about this first and largest heirloom eggplant developing.

It's so hot even with daily watering some of the plants with larger leaf surfaces (in particular, the pumpkins) are drooping midday.

The leek flowers are pretty.

It's amazing to think that all these barrels were down to dirt just a few months ago. I replanted from scratch and ruthlessly weeded volunteer flowers that threatened to take over the new occupants, but was happy to see that some of the reseeders I enjoy and thought I'd lose in the garden redo have made a decent comeback - my self seeding petunias and johnny-jump-ups, the cilantro and a few other herbs. There's Hubby in the background, making sure everything gets watered.

I only managed a couple photos since the kids showed up today, but I snapped this one only minutes after they'd all arrived. Somehow Joli had already managed to get Victoria to read to her. Too Many Pumpkins. It's never the wrong time of year for Halloween books in this house.

I'll have more sewing project photos up on the studio blog by tomorrow.


Blogger Belita Rose said...

That was a cute pic! Hopefully your garden stays beautiful as Brody seems to think it's a perfect bathroom!

9:57 AM  

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