Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Girls Lost in the Woods

So maybe we weren't lost, maybe we were just wandering. I took Victoria up to see some of our local creeks, rivers, springs, lakes. It was another hot day and water seemed like a good plan. (photos will click to open)

We went to see the clear water and springs at, clever how they named the place, Clear Creek.

These water plants looked like little trees atop the surface. Hard to tell in the photo which part is above and which below the water.

They were doing some road work on one end of the park, the noise sort of blew the peaceful mountain serenity. But the local wildlife didn't seem to mind. This appeared to be the Bottoms Up Club.

You might get an idea if you click on this photo - there were thousands of swallows above our heads, I assume they'd found a swarm of tasty insects. You don't usually see swallows midafternoon, I've only seen them like this at dusk before.

Then we cooled off at Lake Almanor. Victoria's like me, she spent as much time looking down at the ground and collecting rocks as she did looking around her and photographing the bigger scenery. An older gentlemen wandering along the beach was nice enough to take this photo of the two of us.

We went into the little logging town of Chester for lunch, ate at one of my favorite restaurants. I took a photo of her on the dining patio with the flag behind her to so she can show she's really in America.

Balancing midriver.

Making friends with the local woodland fae.

Wandering around all faelike ourselves. We realized we should have brought our faerie wings, it would have been a great place for some forest setting pics. Maybe in a few days, we're hoping to go walking and swimming at another river when the rest of the company arrives.

Taking a photo of the moss. We both love our macro settings.

When we're not out tromping and splashing in nature, we've been back at the house working on our Faerieworld outfits. Been getting lots done but I forgot to take photos today. I'll rectify that tomorrow and post a few peeks at things on the studio blog tomorrow.


Anonymous shari said...

had a blast tromping in the woods with you guys! yep...your faerie wings would have been just the thing!! can't wait to see your costumes for faerieworlds...

11:14 AM  
Blogger catsmum said...

oh my goodness - look at you ! you look so fab-u-lous! What have you been doing ?

11:51 PM  

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