Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post Spooky Button

Look at the great button that my friend Deirdre made for the Post Spooky Challenge! Doesn't it look like these witches are brewing up some wonderfully spooky posts!? She's also playing, as are some other fun bloggers already! I'm so pleased some of you are joining in. Hopefully more October lovin' folk will be along as word spreads.

You can find both the button and the list of participants on the sidebar now. I also cleaned up my sidebar and I did a teensy bit (far from completed) of updating on my Bloglinks list. I'm gonna move some of the more artsy links over to my studio blog (sometimes it's a tough call which go where), add more people. It's years outdated!

Only a couple more days until October.... I just looked up on the wall to confirm the first day of October and see my hubby has already switched the calendar to the October page. He has an October birthday and he's got a big ol' note taped to the middle of the month. It reads:


1) Boy chihuahua
2) You : in bed & ribbon
3) Ferrari California
4) white t-shirts

Well, hmmmm. He's been wanting another chihuahua puppy from almost the moment we brought Rosie home, but I'm sticking to my guns no more pets until our big ol' dog crosses the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sort of sure the Ferrari is going to be out of my price range. But the other two.... might be doable. (I'm glad to see I rate above a car but apparently below a puppy.)

I had planned on posting this last weekend but just never got around to it. We had a rather odd week and weekend altogether as hubby was put on a day shift at work for training classes and we all had a go at being "NORMAL". You know, get up when the sun rises, work during the day, eat dinner in the evening, sleep when it's dark outside, traditional weekends home together. How did it go? A bit discombobulating. By the time the week was through we were all a bit sleep deprived and not sure what to do with each other during the strange hours we found ourselves thrown together. And dinner at five o'clock?! Didn't we just all finish with breakfast? Very confusing. But hubby went back off to work this afternoon, once again on our normal schedule.

What a relief. To be back to our normal, every day schedule.


Blogger Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Oh the Munsters, I always wanted to live with them, they seemed like so much more fun than the Addams Family!

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