Wednesday, April 05, 2006

C is for.....

Oh dear, oh dear. I have toooo many C words. But there's nothing to be done but to get started.

Cantaloupe, carrots, caramel, curry, Chinese food, cilantro, cashews, cranberry sauce, cioppino - some of my favorite foods

Chocolate chip cookies - this deserves it's own spot. When I was a little girl, my sisters were both snack gobblers, whereas I was a snack saver. Of course what happened was I'd bring out my hoarded stash long after the gobblers had polished off their own treats and when they'd cry foul, I'd get accused of "not sharing". I'm almost a half century old, and I've long ago gotten over the accusations, but I obviously still remember it. When I got old enough, I'd buy my own tube of refrigerator cookie dough, chocolate chip of course, make a dozen, take them to bed with a good book and a tall glass of milk, and NOT SHARE! Mwahahahaha! In fact, it's only been in the last couple of years that I can share a cookie sheet of cookies with someone and not feel deprived.

cats - I've always had cats, several at a time. And, as soft and as funny and as entertaining as they may be, at the moment we have too many - long story. I Love my cats but, sigh, currently they seriously outnumber me.

crows - ravens, blackbirds. I like how smart they are and I like the legends and myths that portray them as tricksters. I share their affinity to collect little hoards of shiny trinkets

country - I like the city, but I love the country. Not the wilderness kind of country, although that's nice too. I mean farms and rolling hills and mooooooo cows and pastures and woodlots and gardens and dirt roads and split rail fences and barns.

chihuahua - how could I not include my teeny little Rosie girl. My love of chihuahuas actually originates in my teenage years when a friend, later boyfriend, then friend again's family had a bunch of them. I doubt they were papered and they were all related and had the funniest overbites, but they were so friendly and sweet I adored the pack of 'em.

children - I had a bunch of my own. And I enjoy the company of kids of all ages. Kids know how to live in the moment, look at things with all the possibilities still open, laugh, be silly. They remind us to ENJOY life.

Charlie - Dusty orange with spirals on both sides of his body. He weighs enough for two large (or three medium) sized cats. He could demolish an entire room all on his own. He has cuddle attacks. He lets Rosie stand on top of him.

Cow - another sweet cat o' mine, now laying in the sun somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

Clarinet - played it, first chair for a while, in elementary shool

camera- I love photography. My interest really took off when my father gave me an expensive 35 ml - all manual - back before everything was automatic. I had that camera a long while, sadly left it outside in the rain one day. Needed an automatic when I started having children though, they don't like to pause while you change the shutter speed. Now I'm all digital baby and I might seriously go crazy if I didn't have my camera. I am completely spoiled and obsessed with instant photography.

cauldron - "double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble" - Every good witch needs a sturdy cauldron or two. I have a few, some decorative, some to use. A "kitchen witch" needs a good "cauldron for stirring up the most important spells of all - a healing pot of chicken soup, a steaming pot of homemade canned pickle relish, a big patch of apple cider or hot cocoa

coffee - coffee goood, coffee is my friend

canadles - a Lithuanian potato dumpling. My grandmother used to make them. Completely decadent served with melted butter and lots of salt. Wish I had more of my grandmother's recipes.

Catholic - I was raised Catholic. I didn't officially leave the church until I was an adult, but I think I really had one foot out the door from about the age of 13. Still, I mostly have fond memories of the ritual, the sounds, the smells of the church. I don't buy the whole package deal any longer, but I still borrow a few saints or traditions now and again

Carter - the only president I really ever trusted

computers, cyperspace - I love my cyberlife and can't imagine living without one. Yet, a part of me is really glad that they came later in my life and that I didn't have them around when I was young, when I was raising my kids. It might have changed things more then I'd care to admit. Still, time only moves forward and I love the feel of a global community and instant communication and information.

chamomile - a favorite herb. I have fond memories of sitting on a chamomile lawn in the sun listening to a lecture at the California School of Herbal Studies - those were the lovely ol' hippy days

Capricorn - never seemed like a very fun sign except for this one tidbit. Whereas most folks grow older and more set in their ways, Capricorns seem to "grow younger" as they age.

Carolyn - my best friend in high school

calculate - I always liked math. Somehow I missed that girls weren't supposed to be good at it. It really bugs my husband that I can calculate the tip in my head while he has to, and insists upon, figuring it out on paper.

creativity - it absolutely confuses me how some people can live without the need to create. Isn't it necessary - like breathing!?

California - wasn't raised here, but I've lived here for 30 years and call it home.

calm - I've always been very good at being the eye in the middle of the storm, the steady voice, the person who can mop up the blood and save my panic until a more convenient time

camel's hair coat - when I was 18, my mom asked us girls what we wanted for Christmas. We said we wanted to spend it as a family, something we hadn't done since my parents had been divorced when I was ten. So my mom called my dad up and he flew in for the holidays and that's what we did, we had Christmas all together. It was the best gift our folks could have given us. While he was out here i California, my dad took me to a fancy shopping center in San Francisco and bought me a camel's hair coat. I still have the coat. Although it stopped fitting me many decades ago, I can't bear to part with it. I'm hoping to make it into a teddy bear someday.

chopsticks - I'm a real pro. I realize that there are communities where this isn't considered a terribly unique skill. Around here, however, people will actually stop and stare, or come up and tell me how amazing I am.

crone - I've had my maiden days, certainly gloried in my motherhood, now I'm really starting to feel like the wise ol' crone. There's something freeing about it, in multiple ways.

crickets - I used to love the little buggers. Jiminy Cricket. Until we had a cricket infestation in our house one year. They'd jump out at me everywhere. Every once in a while the sound of crickets still make me mildly nervous. I developed hearing loss and tinnitus in my mid30's and didn't realize it for several years. I thought I was just still hearing crickets!

competitive - I'm not competitive in an angry way. If I lose a game or contest, ah well, it was fun, it was laughs, it was all a learning experience. I'm a very good loser. Still, I do play to win, and often do.

clutter - it had to be added. Clutter is my nemesis.

chaos - I like the idea of chaos - chaos theory. Order in chaos. I'm fascinated with physics, particular quantum mechanics. Wish I had time to learn more. And on a more mundane level, a teensy bit of chaos helps keeps things interesting. A little bit, mind you.

cook - I'm a damn good one. Not that I cook much anymore, for reasons that I've only partially figured out. But when I do cook, YUM

choices - I like having them. I have a really tough time making them. Just eat out at a restaurant with me and you'll get just a touch of what it's like for me to make one. Fortunately, once I do make one, I'm usually happy with it.

closets - I like having lots of them. For storing things. I'm not a big fan of closets for people. Wish more people could come out of them. Although I do understand the need for them in some people's lives. Sigh. Someday.

coexist - segues nicely from the word above. I wish we all could coexist peacefully.

cobwebs - come to my house so I don't have to explain this one for you. Just think of it as round the year Halloween decorations

college - somehow I managed to attend for seven years and not earn a single degree. Some days that's frustrating and other days I'm slightly proud of that fact

collect - I like to collect things. Witches, rocks, fairies, pitchers, blocks, blue moons, this, that, and the other thing. I don't like to collect in quantity though, just those things that call my name, keeps things from getting out of control

color - I'm in favor of it. Bright, deep, subtle, splashed, highlighted. I'm hoping in the next year or two to get color on all my walls.

conformity - NOT in favor of it, generally speaking

counterculture - too far into it and I want to roll my eyes and scream "GET REAL!" - but I need a small, healthy dose of it. It's where the artists and the freethinkers and the compassionate and spiritual folks hang out. Plus the dress code is more fun.

challenge - tell me I'm not allowed to do something. tell me you don't think I can do it. My response is usually "Oh, is that right? Well, WATCH ME!"

cemeteries - I don't want to be planted in one personally, but I do like them, as places. They're quiet and interesting and have so many hidden stories

caretaker - I'm a nurturer. Although I have a button now that says "I don't feel like nuturing today."

cast iron - I love my cast iron cookware. I can't imagine doing without them.

chairs - I like chairs. Big ones, little ones. I tend to collect them all mismatched and old. I particularly like old wooden kitchen chairs and big overstuffed ones like in some coffee houses. I also collect miniature chairs.

communication - is important to me. Whether it's being able to settle an argument with finesse, having someone be truthful, expressing an emotion in words or art, the ability to be witty or clever, I hold communication skills in high regard

compost - I've had a compost pile for 30 years, been an organic gardener from back when we were still labeled wackos

last but not least....

crabby, cranky, contrary - all words that have been associated with my mood on , ahem, rare occasion.


Blogger Deb R said...

I posted my C list this morning too and I thought I had too many but then I came over here and saw a bunch you included that I would've if I'd thought of them, but didn't. Aaarrgghhh!! Oh well, that's ok. I'll leave my list alone, even though I'm itching to amend it.

Good list, Laume!

6:35 AM  
Blogger Kirsty said...

What a great list! I'm up to B now,and wasn't sure how many to include on my list...then I looked at yours and went back and added a few more!

I'm really loving this activity. It makes me more directly conscious of my world!


8:36 AM  
Blogger Laume said...

I know, C was hard - there are just too many C words in the English language. I've started to keep a notebook, one page for each letter. Because I keep thinking of words that I'm not sure I'll remember when it comes time to do that particular letter. And I've got a handful for A and B that would have soooo been on my list if I'd thought of them. I haven't amended my blog posts, but it bugs me that they aren't up there.

Obviously my X, Y, and Z lists will be dramatically smaller, so I can get away with a few mongo sized lists.

12:30 PM  

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