Wednesday, April 12, 2006

D is for......

After last week's C List, aka The Neverending List, D is a far more reasonable length. Thank goodness! With no further ado, the D List:

Demeter - the mother archetype, one of the first Goddesses I came to understand and identify with

dreaming - I've always been fascinated with it. For many years I even kept a dream journal

diary - I've kept a diary since I could first write, later of course I called it a journal, nowadays I call it a blog. Since my birthday is in the beginning of January, as a child I often got a new diary as a gift. The first diary I have is a Barbie diary with a shiny "patent leather" (really it was plastic) black cover. My entries were the same almost every day "Went to school. Came home. Got mad at parents." Sometimes I just got mad at one parent. On one occasion I wrote about a car accident I was in. It got equal billing that day with "Got mad at parents." As a teenager I wrote long, incredibly angst filled posts about my life that would embarrass me now if they weren't so boring that I can't read them for more then five minutes without nodding off. I find I'm much more interesting when I'm talking to an audience bigger then myself.

dimes - I won't explain this one except to say, thank you Joshua

dust bunny - I was once attacked by one. In my defense, it was a rather large dust bunny.

driftwood - love to find interesting pieces on the beach and drag them home

Denver, John - oh, I was such a huge fan. Went to see him in concert three times. I was angry at him for divorcing his wife (or her divorcing him) and really didn't enjoy him for a long time after that. I finally forgave him, and missed him when the culture no longer found they neededd his folk wisdom and he tried unsuccessfully to adapt to changing times. His music captured a generation and I can go back to those times with just one of his heartfelt songs.

drill team - I was on it in high school. We were really good. We won the Western United States Drill Team Championship.

Dove Lane - I lived on this street for a large part of my childhood. At least as long as I lived anywhere as a kid. We moved around a lot after my parent's divorce.

divorce - speaking of my parent's divorce..... it's something I wish hadn't happened, it saddens me to think of all the time I lost with my father as a result of it, it caused my mother a lot of hardship and detours in her life, but still in a deep way, I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't experienced it.

ducks - really more of a Joseph word then my word, but as my firstborn - he was me and I was him when he was a wee thing - and he loved ducks.

Deirdre - my friend and my personal shopper

Deb - writes my favorite blog

domestic - you wouldn't know it to look at my life now, but I've always been somewhat of a Suzy Homemaker type. Granted, tweaked to be a bit unique, but domestic nontheless

dance - took ballet and tap as a child, but mostly I included this word because dancing, just plain ol' boogeying, feels sooooo damn good. Shake out the sillies, swing out the stress, stomp out the storm

Dogma - love the movie, dislike it in it's uncapitalized, general form

diversity - gotta have it, whether it be in food, friends, or experiences

dentist - I love my dentist now but for twenty five years I had a dental phobia. Still feel like hyperventilating at the thought of a trip to the dentist, but at least now I'm okay when I finally get in the chair

desert - I'm more of a green landscape type, but every once in a while the desert calls to me. I've spent a considerable amount of time in them and appreciate their secrets.

deaf - I have some hearing loss, can't hear at all at certain high pitches.

dairy - spent most of my free time one childhood year wandering around a dairy farm near my home.

DeGrazia - one of the first artists who's work I recognized and loved. My grandmother had an original DeGrazia....hmmm, I wonder what ever happened to it?

dragonfly - always been fascinated by the bright colored, buzzing little creatures racing above the water or through the garden

DeLint - a favorite author, he is probably the "father" of my favorite genre, urban fantasy

death - I have a mild obsession with it - as an spiritual experience, as a cultural fear, the archetype of transition. I don't dwell on it and I'm certainly in no hurry to experience it personally, but I'm more aware of it then most folks I suppose, more comfortable with it - watching how others treat it, avoid discussing it, pretend it doesn't exist. Not just their own personal death, or the death of loved ones, but simply the beginning and endings of anything, whether it be the "death" of a garden, a season, an idea, a dream.... if something ends, "dies", then what takes it's place? There is no vacuum in life. Therefore a death also is the birth of something new, a beginning of something else.

decaf - I'm not a total decaf drinker. I take the black stuff with the buzz as well, but I usually keep it to one or two shots of caffeine a day, then switch back to decaf. It keeps me from twitching

deadlines - I'll just use that old joke about them. "I love deadlines. I love the wooshing sound they make as they go zipping by."

dawdling - I'm rather fond of this sort of escapism. Probably explains how I can so often miss the D word listed just above this one.


Blogger Kirsty said...

And right after "dawdling" I would add "doodling" as that too is a form of escapism.

And KC loves ducks too! We debated for awhile about whether his room would be Winnie the Pooh, or ducks!

Thanks for a great D list...or I should say..."D"-lightful!!

Kirsty Moonsinger

5:33 AM  
Blogger Deb R said...

Divine, m'dear! :-)

6:24 AM  
Blogger Deb R said... matter how long my lists are, I always find at least one or two things I've missed when I read your lists!

6:25 AM  

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