Monday, February 26, 2007

More of that Blinding White Stuff

Last night we got a lot more snow. It's mostly a heavy wet snow, so it's compacting, making icicles, sliding off roofs and out of trees with no warning whatsoever. Ask me how I learned that last one! And while I'm mentioning it, it's probably a good idea to wear a coat if you go out to take photos while standing underneath tall branches. If you don't need your head and neck washed.

William was all finished getting ready for school this morning when the phone rang. A friend calling with good news - SNOW DAY! It takes a lot to cancel school around here. He and his buddies are off with their snowboards now playing on some local hills. Reminds me of when they were all little boys building snow forts in the front yard. He's gonna be soaking wet when he gets home.

Brandon just came to the door and said William sent him back for a football and an umbrella. Umbrella? So they can videotape themselves playing football without getting the camera wet. Of course. I explained that William had broken my umbrella while we were in Paris and there's no way I was gonna give them the new fancy umbrella with Parisian street scenes on it that I was forced to buy since it was still raining when he broke the other one. I gave him some plastic bags instead.

I looked for the football in William's room, couldn't find it. Called William on his cell phone and he said the football wasn't in his room, it was in the front yard.

THIS front yard:
So, ooookay. Good luck with that one Brandon.

The other day I noticed that my buds on the flowering quince are getting really big and bright and you can even see tiny green leaves popping out from behind the red. I was going to take a photo to show you. Well, here ya go. The snow is a unexpected bonus.

It's still coming down pretty hard out there. It makes me think of the Wintersmith, a character, and the title, of a wonderful book I just finished reading. Maybe it's time for another book update soon.


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Gorgeous photos, Laume!!!

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