Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've Been Gone Long Enough

I didn't mean to abandon you all, my loyal readers. (My mother has been reduced to sending threatening e-mails if I don't start blogging again soon) I hadn't planned a two week hiatus. Last you heard from me I was rushing out the door all willy nilly to San Diego.

I thought I'd continue blogging in the cracks and crevices of time left between family and activities. I even brought my lap top as my son has wi fi. The wi fi didn't work and the cracks and crevices were so small that it wasn't worth trying to squeeze anything into them. Instead, I decided, I was on vacation and you'd all hear about it when I got back home.

At least, that was the plan. What really happned was, everyone followed me home. It was a good thing, a planned thing. More family arrived after that. Unplanned, but nice. Computer time was still elusive. Who wants to be staring at a keyboard when the other option is a smiling grandbaby? I couldn't even manage to find time to upload photos. And for me, blogging without photos is like ice cream without chocolate sauce - sweet, but not worth the time/calories.

Last night I finally got the photos uploaded. Tomorrow the crowds are leaving. Things will be calmer, quieter (less expensive). I should be at least a teensy bit happy about that. But I'm not. I only resigned to it. I'm gonna miss 'em all. It's been hectic but it's been lovely.

So. Let's get caught up, shall we. With no attempt at a segue - The Graduation.

I made it in time.

Don't you think us girls cleaned up rather nicely?

There were a lot of flags. (I wondered about these guys' silver helmets - keeping the aliens from reading their thoughts?) Flags on poles....

Flags on grandbabies....

Flags at the podium.

A few rather odd guests. Should I have used the red eye eliminator on this photo?

Even the tents looked like flags.

I make jokes, but it was also very touching. And a bit too long, as graduations tend to be. But not long compared to the many hours of training it took for my son to accomplish his goal. I'm very proud of him.

Proud mom with three fantastic sons.


Blogger Jaye said...

>>Proud mom with three fantastic sons.

You are the tiniest of all of them!

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