Friday, June 08, 2007


You've all heard of Stonehenge, yes? Did you know there is also a Woodhenge? There is! Right in the middle of my livingroom!

How many standing wood cases can you see? Hint: there are seven visible in this photo. (And for the record, there are a number of real woodhenges. )

Our elderly neighbor across the street passed away last year, her husband passed away about six years previously. Her son, our friend Al, lived with her for most of those last years to help her as her physical and mental health failed. The family home is now being sold and today they began an estate sale of the contents that the family didn't want to keep. Last night Al showed me through and I set the alarm and showed up bright and early this morning to have the first opportunity to purchase two floor-to-ceiling, glass fronted, oak book cases.

They're exactly the type of older piece I've been on the lookout for, with little success, for years. I start to pull apart my old make-do shelving units and suddenly these two bookcases appear, and for a reasonable price to boot. It certainly lends credibility to the theory that one has to clear out the old in one's life to make room for the new!

The bookcase in the middle of the photo is one of the new cabinets. The second one is a matching piece, well, same size and trim design, but rather an accompanying piece with a different front, two full length glass doors. You can catch a glimpse of it behind the rocking chair. After I get everything in place I'll post some real photos of them. As you can see, at the moment there isn't enough space in the front room to back up and get a decent picture.

Unbelievably there are now SIXTEEN tall shelf units or bookcases in my living room and dining room area, plus three cabinets that are only waist high. There are bookcases and cabinets coming IN and cabinets and bookcases going OUT, or going to other rooms. It's crazy insane.

Of course these new treasures mean all the deliberations about what should go where that I'd finally worked out over the last few days had to be re-deliberated this afternoon. I spent several hours alternating between wandering around with a measuring tape in hand and sitting on the sofa pondering and trying to visualize various options. Okay. Not exactly true. I ended up with less then three hours of sleep last night, so I probably measured and pondered for about an hour and I fell asleep on the couch for about forty minutes until the phone woke me up.

I think, knock on wood, I've come up with a plan, but even with those forty winks this afternoon, that's still less than four hours of sleep in the last twenty four hours. The rest of the day was filled up with helping the neighbors, running errands, and tracking down William who was not where he said he was going to be and, in fact, tried to pretend he was where he said he was, not knowing I'd just driven across town and checked. He is now grounded for the first weekend of the summer. He hasn't tried a dumb teenage trick like this before and I hope the grounding convinces him it's not worth repeating. Argh. The bottom line, Woodhenge will remain standing until tomorrow.

I found a few other things at the estate sale today. I posted some photos over at Laume's Studio.


Blogger JulieZS said...

What a score! Those are perfect, just think, no dust or cat hair on your books. wooohoo!

9:55 AM  
Blogger GreenishLady said...

Hi! Popped over from DebR's blog, and have been reading over your recent posts on both blogs. I had that Woodhenge thing in my study a few months ago. Am still working on the clearing, sorting (attic and under stairs are coming up soon) in other parts of my house. I knew I had to deal with it all when I realised I had two copies of the Karen Kingston book you mentioned - "Clear your clutter with Feng Shui" - the first one got lost in a pile of books, so lost I forgot I had it, and bought another copy!

5:33 AM  

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