Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Different Kind of Bug

Remember the bug invasion I was discussing last week? Well, knock on wood, the bug population seems to have peaked and I'm not having anywhere near as much of a problem with kamikaze bugs diving into my drinks as before. That's the good news. However yesterday a new bug appeared on the scene - a stomach bug. ERG. That's the bad news.

That means yesterday was a complete wash in getting anything accomplished. The bright side of things is I still felt well enough to fill in the hours reading. And well enough to run out and get myself a huge order of sweet and sour soup from the new Chinese Restaurant and that seemed to help, or at least not hurt.

William hung around the house being glum. Remember he was grounded? Well, yeah, good thing you remembered. Because I didn't. A couple of his buddies came by in the middle of the afternoon and they hung out in his bedroom for about forty minutes before William popped his head into the bedroom where I was quasi-napping and said they were all going to walk down to Burger King. I had the "o.k." halfway out of my mouth before I suddenly remembered "Hey! You're supposed to be grounded!" So I nixed the Burger King trip and told him to send his friends home. Even though he'd managed to get a free forty minutes break from being grounded, apparently it made things all that more unbearable.

Hubby was home last night and we all watched a movie that has been on the "to rent" list for a while - The Prestige. I'd heard a bit about it, how it had a twist ending. (Don't worry, no spoilers) Jeff and I spent the movie trying to be the first one to figure it out while William, who'd seen only the end of the movie, kept his mouth shut and knowing what was to come, gathered an impressive number of clues that he shared with us after the ending. I'm usually really good at figuring out the plot twists or the whodunit but I have to admit that the writers did a fantastic job of luring me off down lots of dead ends. I started to figure it out just before the ending, but there was still pieces of the puzzle missing all the way to the "OH!" So, yeah, good movie.

Now we want to see The Illusionist which I've heard is also a surprise ending. And speaking of endings, in case you didn't know, the real ending to the new Pirates movie is after the credits roll! I wish someone had told me this BEFORE I went to see it. The frustrating part is that I'm always a credit sitter but for some reason I didn't sit through the credits for Pirates 3 and so now I'm left wondering what it is. I have a friend who sat through forewarned who can tell me, and of course I can probably find it out online - you can find out almost anything trivial online. It's amazing how many times a day we find ourselves asking ourselves a question and then log on and voila! The answer. What did we do before the world wide web? Did we walk around with thousands of unanswered questions all the time? How did we bear it?! - but getting back to the movie, I'm not sure if I want to be told or if I want to go back and see it for myself. Maybe the local theatre will let me just go back in for the last few minutes of the film. It's a small town, they just might if I go during a slow night.

I also rented Wordplay. I mean, come on, how could I not! (And speaking of Wordplay, I'm planning very soon... as in, when I can get around to it, soon being a relative term.... giving Wordplay it's very own blog and starting some new word games. So, stay tuned for that one.) The movie Wordplay, however, is about people who do Crossword Puzzles. No one else in my family will be at all interested, but I thought it sounded interesting. Just like when Lisa and I rented Shut Up and Sing - the boys did the "Yawwwwn" thing and went off to find something more interesting to do. But we really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at the Chicks.

Well, ugh. I'm still feeling a bit off my feed but I'm going to try to get started on the rearranging. I was going to do it one wall at a time so I could avoid the whole packing and unpacking of belongings but with my new plan, that's looking pretty unrealistic. So, I'm off to find some boxes to pack up the books and knicknacks on the old shelves for the transformation to begin. Yippee. Fun. My favorite activity. Yah!........ Not.

He did it again! I just heard voices, opened up William's door and found two of his friends. Jeff had let them in. I sent them off laughing at William's misfortune.


Blogger Tanya Brown said...

Let's cut a deal. Send William down here and I'll send you my toddler.

I have lots of work that needs to be done, and none of William's friends will be here. He'll be bored to tears and finish out his grounding with no interruptions. And, um, you'll get screamed at and have to change crappy diapers.

Hmmm. On second thought, maybe that isn't an even trade. Never mind ...

12:49 PM  
Blogger JulieZS said...

I'll tell you the not really suprise ending, just let me know. The Illusionist and The Prestige are both good. But The Prestige has David Bowie as a mysterious Nikolai Tesla, so it wins the tie.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous alala said...

Here is the scene after the credits in Pirates, blurry but understandable, and it's just as well you didn't sit through the credits at the movie, because my GOD did they drag on. It must have been at least 20 minutes of scrolling names, heavily annoying.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous alala said...

Oops, pulled due to Disney being their usual jerky corporate butthead selves. Sorry about that.

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Prestige was my favorite movie last year. The test of a good movie is whether or not we talk about it all the way home (45 minutes minimum) and it passed the test. I was lucky with the Pirates 3 ending. I had stayed to watch the credits, but then turned to leave. Happily, the owner of the little Hiawatha 2-screen theater caught me and made me turn back to the screen. He's a notorious grump, but he's always nice to me, in a curmudgeonly way. And sorry, it was a satisfying ending. You'll have to go back. ::grin::

Leslie in Hiawatha

4:15 AM  

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