Sunday, August 30, 2009

Faerieworlds: More Good Faery Day

I couldn't resist sharing a few more photos from the first day, before moving on.

IMG_7280 by you.

There are beautiful Lammas altars in front of the both the main and side stages. Joli is all about the altars as she knew from previous years they usually provided some sort of opportunity to "borrow" some fresh fruit or other food offering. Here she is checking out this year's side stage.

IMG_7242 by you.

Looks like Elena is making a tradition out of an annual hat purchase. She said she's gonna hang this one like a lamp in her room between times when she needs it for head adornment.

Each year's opening ceremony includes the always amazing spiral dance. Jeff took photos so that I could participate. He managed to capture our friends Katie, Mermaid, and Zoe here.

IMG_7218 by you.

And coming into view - me, Joli, and Lisa. Everyone joins hands but to make it work when Joli got tired of dancing, I had to hold onto her foot.

Someone video taped this years, to see the movement and hear the music, go here.

Of course I took photos of as many of the other faeries as I could manage. These three had the right idea for faery garb - I believe faery fashion sense runs strongly towards the idea that "More is MORE!"


I admit my favorite are the darker faeries and even on Good Faery Day, some of us couldn't resist showing a bit of our Gothy side, like this gorgeous fae.

IMG_7259 by you.

Or this amazing birdwoman.

IMG_7261 by you.

Of course faeries come in all ages, from wee babes to the crones and sages of the realm. I was excited at how many older fae there were this year, even having to brave the heat! (And since I'm not particularly a spring chicken and I know how the heat bothers me these days, I was really impressed.)

IMG_7377 by you.

Hubby made friends with this small gentleman that goes by the name Nimblenuts.

IMG_7391 by you.

The magic and music carried on well into the night. Here's the lovely Kelly, one of the lead singers for the band Woodland. Also, she and her husband are two of the Faerieworlds organizers. She wears many hats during the festival. Click on their name to reach their site or here to hear a clip of my favorite song live from last year's Faerieworlds.

IMG_7393 by you.

Sunflowers from the main stage altar.

IMG_7446 by you.

A bit obscure but these were people dancing to the music in the night with glow in the dark hula hoops! Faeries don't let a little thing like no light get in their way of having fun.


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