Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost in the Faerie Realm

All the old stories tell of humans who wander, or are lured, into the land of the fae, sometimes never to return. But if they do return, it's often weeks, months, years later, and they are completely unaware of how much time has passed, for in the Otherworld, time moves at a completely different speed or perhaps doesn't seem to pass at all.

That is, to a great degree, what has happened to me and why my blog has been so empty and abandoned this last month. Last we spoke, except for the quick anniversary pop in, I was in the midst of company and travelers. The fun and busyness continued on, and en masse we all finally packed up and made our way to Faerieworlds. It was wonderful, musical, overwhelming, hot, magical. The human world and it's troubles and concerns seemed far away and irrelevent. It was hard to come home.

But come home we did and for a long while time truly didn't seem to make much sense and we were all trapped inbetween the fae and human realms. And the heat wave continue. And more company arrived. And then just as the magical fog was beginning to clear from my brain, I was off on another adventure, travels for a week.

And now home again and trying to get back into new routines. Autumn is whispering. School has begun. The first football game of the season is tonight. The laundry and the plumber and the animals and the dust bunnies and the garden and oh, everything is calling for my time and attention.

It's been so long and I'm so hopelessly behind that I've now passed all hope of "catching up" here on the blog, or somehow segueing artistically into stories new or old. Instead, I'll just jump in and then carry on.

Today, I'm sharing photo moments from the first day of Faerieworlds, aka Good Faery Day.

Here's the group we started out with on the first day of the festival (sans me, taking the photo). Folks left and more folks came and all in all over the course of the three festival days, we numbered fifteen in just our group. And that didn't count all the friends, old and new, we wanted a chance to meet up with outside our own contigent. From L to R: Jeff as an old oak tree, Victoria the woodland fae, Lisa the happy black and white faery, Lisa's sister Elena in her faery garb, Lisa's mom Gaye (her first time to the festival), Joli faery reworking some of last year's outfit I made for her, and Lisa's sister Brianna in her beautiful lavender wings.

I really like this photo of Victoria in her woodland garb.

In the children's area, Joli is watching a puppet show put on by two other wee fae. It totally cracks me up that they miss the stage window and have their puppets performing on the top of the stage. LOL!

Two very Suessical looking birds were dancing about during one of the performances.

If a tree falls in the forest, does it require another glass of Hibiscus Cooler? We must have bought fifty orders of them before the weekend was out. As well as a zillion trips to the water truck for drinking water. It was so very, very hot!

Noel and the kids arrived in the afternoon. Nonny, Joshua and Garrett all enjoying their frozen ice treats.

Benjamin wasn't convinced about the whole wing thing.

Here's the one decent picture of me that day. I was a chocolate faery. I kept telling everyone my wings were melting in the heat! I had a little melting cap on too, which never made it into a photograph. In the middle is my friend Mermaid in her ocean finery and her beautiful daughter Zoe. There were so many friends to hug and talk with and we really only had smidgens of time with everyone because there was so much to do and see and catch up on.

Here be dragons.....

The vendor in this awesome gothy booth (which I can't remember the name of presently but I'll post a link later if I ever find the business card I brought home with me) was so nice. She scooped Joli up onto her lap and they looked through that entire Froud faery book together where they discovered a photo of the Laume and Joli pointed out "That's Grammy!"

Many more Faerieworld photos to come.....


Blogger Julie ZS said...

Good Goddess that looks like too much fun. I really really want to go, so please try again to talk me into it next year Laume. Your costumes turned out great, can't wait to see more.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous shari said...

oh my gosh, i am so jealous of all that faerieness!! can't wait to see more photos! fabulous costumes... thanks for sharing!

7:27 PM  
Blogger catsmum said...

great photos - makes me super jealous that there is nothing like that at all [ that I'm aware of anyway ] here in OZ
and I tried to click on that Laume link and it said that the URL was invalid

9:39 PM  
Blogger catsmum said...

thanks Laume - I found the Brian Froud image ... now what I want to know is ... does Joli think Grammy looks like the beautiful slinky fairy laume ? ... or the crone version she's sitting on ? ... hmmm ?

11:07 PM  

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