Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad Faery Day after Sunset

I need to finish up the Faerieworld photos.

IMG_7887 by you.

We left off as the day was winding down. Aren't these three fae adorable?

IMG_7884 by you.

And then the faery raised her golden wings and...

IMG_7886 by you.

... pulled a beautiful sunset out of the horizon.

IMG_7896 by you.

Lights twinkled beneath the casbah tea tent. Faeries gathered for a bit of food and refreshment.

IMG_7894 by you.

I had this magical vegan pumpkin spice cupcake appear before me. And gobbled it up. I actually gobbled up many cupcakes before the weekend was over, but this first one was the absolute best - I'd been waiting all year for it.

IMG_7902 by you.

Then it was time for more music. The band Faun, all the way from Germany, played incredible folk/rock interpretation of ancient songs.

IMG_7901 by you.

Faun's lead singer - quite a few ladies were... smitten. I expected the band to be sort of dark and gothy, but they were in fact wonderfully personable and great with the crowd!

IMG_7916 by you.

Faeries big and small felt the call of the music and danced deep into the night.

IMG_7918 by you.

Some danced with light.

IMG_7968 by you.

And some even danced with fire.

IMG_7941 by you.

After the music, the evening carried on with storytelling of ancient truths.

Finally tired faeries wandered back to their snug tents, homes, or hotel rooms. One more day's photos left to share with you.


Blogger Belita Rose said...

Next year I'm bringing Joe so he can Joli back to the tent! This is the second year I've missed the late night fun!!

9:07 AM  

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