Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hubby renewed his membership in the Sierra Club and they offered incentives. He chose this FOUR pack of reusable shopping bags. Look at how tiny they are, they all fit into this little pouch that fits in my hand and stores handily in my car or even my purse if I wanted them there. (Don't you love the little face in the photo looking up and ready for whatever I'm planning?)

And here they are all filled with groceries in the back of my car. They're incredibly roomy. I have some of those that you see in stores, made out of a fibrous cloth "plastic" and they stand up a bit better for filling, but the cashier and bag girl were all gaga over these new ones, just like me. These are made out of a sturdy nylon, like a windbreaker. And most important of course, they're such purty colors!


Blogger Stephanie said...

I have one of this little bags tucked into my hand bag. I've used it so many times at non grocery store type places when a bag is required.

My car is FILLED with my old oilcloth bags for groceries!

AND, that adorable little pup face!!

11:44 AM  

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