Wednesday, September 23, 2009

October Reads

I like to fill every October with reading choices appropriate for the season - spooky, gothic, Halloween themed, a little scary, filled with witches or monsters. Of course I'll admit that, on the surface, this doesn't appear much different than the themes I select in... say June or February. But I know what I'm looking for, something just a bit MORE these things. I'm planning ahead this year, to make sure I have all the books I'd like to read at my finger tips.

Dracula by Bram Stoker. Last year I read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. So this year I thought I'd try another gothic classic. I was surprised to find that I don't have this on my shelf, but it's available at the local library.

Collected works of Edgar Allen Poe. I have several collections of Poe's work and although I've read some in the past, the long ago past, I thought I'd give it a go through one whole book.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Yes, I just finished this book. But I love it so much, I want to read it again.

The Divine Circle of Ladies Making Mischief by Delores Stewart Riccio. When I typed "Halloween" into Amazon's search box, this book came up. Works out perfectly as it's a series I've been working my way through already. I've read the first three books and this is the fourth - perfect! I'm off to order it from our inter-library loan program today.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. This book has been getting a lot of good reviews lately. The only problem is I haven't read the original yet, which means I would probably lose a lot of the inside humor. So, I might read this one if I can read Pride and Prejudice first, but honestly, I probably won't be able to manage it this year.

Vulnerable: The First Book of the Little Goddess Series by Amy Lane. This book came up on an Amazon Listmania list and I'd already had a casual interest in it. I'm even more intrigued now because I just noticed it takes place in northern California. I always like to read books where I'm familiar with the location. Unfortunately this book, and the next one on my list, are expensive and not available through my library ILL. So I'll have to just keep my eyes open for this one.

High Spirits by Dianne K. Salerni Found this title in the same list as the book above and it just looked like a fun read. Got good reviews too. But also like the above book, only available at a high price. So, I'll watch for it.

I also think I want to read a book about the history of gravestones. I thought I had one in the house but if so, I can't think now where I would have put it, I haven't seen it around in any of the logical places. I remember the store where I originally found the book, maybe I just THINK I bought it. Hmmmm. So, I'm off to do a more thorough search before I consider ordering a copy, and then it's off to the library. And the supermarket.

Each year, as I read the most obvious choices, it gets tougher to find new selections. What are you planning to read this October? Any good suggestions for me?


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